Student Teaching

Student teachers and their classNorthern Michigan University’s School of Education, Leadership and Public Service takes great pride in its student teaching program.  NMU has outstanding partnerships with K-12 schools throughout the Upper Peninsula, across the state of Michigan and Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest and beyond.  International student teaching is also available. 

In all cases, NMU student teachers have the opportunity to work with outstanding master teachers in a cooperative relationship.

The student teaching experience, in most cases, is both intense and exhilarating. It is the final capstone after many years of learning, when NMU education majors get a chance to test their teaching skills in a comprehensive way, in an active classroom and with students.  During the process, students will realize their areas of teaching strengths and have a final opportunity to bolster any realized weakness before heading out to look for a full-time school employment.

Please review all of the related student teaching materials and contact the School of Education, Leadership and Public Service if you have questions.