School of Education, Leadership and Public Service Director

Joseph Lubig Joseph Lubig
Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Director of Education

179A Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1880
E-mail: jlubig@nmu.edu
Video: ARF 2008 Panel Presentation
  • B.S.  Northern Michigan University
  • M.A. Northern Michigan University
  • Ed.D. Central Michigan University

School of Education, Leadership and Public Service Faculty

Derek Anderson Derek Anderson
Associate Professor of Education

213 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1873
E-mail: dereande@nmu.edu
  • B.S. Northern Michigan University
  • M.A. Northern Michigan University
  • Ed.D. Central Michigan University
Bethney Bergh
Assistant Professor of Education

191 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1864    
E-mail: bbergh@nmu.edu    
  • B.S. Carthage College
  • M.A. Northern Michigan University
  • Ph.D. Western Michigan University


Abby Cameron-Standerford
Assistant Professor of Education

Learning Disabilities Program Coordinator
192 Whitman Hall 
Phone: 906.227.2768 
E-mail: acameron@nmu.edu

  • B.S. Northern Michigan University
  • M.A. Northern Michigan University
  • Ed.D. Central Michigan University

Linda Ludwig
Director of Field Experiences
179C Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1881
E-mail: lludwig@nmu.edu


Christi Edge
Associate Professor of Education

194 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1439
E-mail: cedge@nmu.edu
  • B.A. Clearwater Christian College
  • M.A. University of South Florida
  • Ph.D. University of South Florida




K.C. Holder K.C. Holder
Associate Professor of Education

212 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.2018
E-mail: kholder@nmu.edu
Video Introduction
  • B.S., New Mexico State University
  • M.Ed., Utah State University
  • Ph.D., Northern Colorado University
Sandra Imdieke Sandra Imdieke
Professor of Education

214 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.2128
E-mail: simdieke@nmu.edu
  • B.S. University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • M.S. St. Cloud State University
  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Mitchell Klett
Professor of Science Education

190 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1641
E-mail: mklett@nmu.edu
Videos:  Undergrad   Grad
  • B.A. University of Texas at Dallas
  • M.A. University of Texas at Dallas
  • Ph.D. University of Idaho
Judith Puncochar
Judith Puncochar
Associate Professor of Education

195 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1366
E-mail: jpuncoch@nmu.edu
  • B.S. University of California at Davis
  • Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, University of California at Irvine
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota at Minneapolis
Judith Puncochar Laura Reissner
Professor of Education

216 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.2740
E-mail: lreissne@nmu.edu
  • B.A. Gettysburg College
  • M.S. Saint Thomas Aquinas College
  • Ed.D. West Virginia University
Carl Wozniak
Associate Professor of Education

189 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1964
E-mail: cwozniak@nmu.edu
  • B.A. University of Michigan
  • M.A. Eastern Michigan University
  • Ph.D. Western Michigan University

Secondary Education Faculty

Carol Bell
Associate Professor; Mathematics

2212 Jamrich Hall
Phone: 906.227.1603
E-mail: cbell@nmu.edu
David Buhl David Buhl
Professor; Mathematics

2220 Jamrich Hall
Phone: 906.227.2089
E-mail: dbuhl@nmu.edu
Tim Compton

Tim Compton
Professor; Modern Languages and Literature

145B Whitman
Phone: 906.227.1107
E-mail: tcompton@nmu.edu

Steve Grugin Steve Grugin
Professor of Music

303 Thomas Fine Arts
Phone: 906.227.1040
E-mail: sgrugin@nmu.edu
Michael Letts Michael Letts
Associate Professor; School of Art and Design

168 Art and Design
Phone: 906.227.1485
E-mail: miletts@nmu.edu
Gabe Logan Gabe Logan
Assistant Professor; History

203C Cohodas
Phone: 906.227.1744
E-mail: glogan@nmu.edu

Brian Myers
Instructor, Physical Education
Office: 201E PEIF
Phone:  906-227-1133
E-mail: bmyers@nmu.edu

Kia Richmond
Associate Professor; English

262 Gries Hall
Phone: 906.227.2713
E-mail: krichmon@nmu.edu

Lisa Eckert
Professor of English

255 Gries Hall
Phone: 906.227.1828
E-mail: leckert@nmu.edu

Cale Polkinghorne
Associate Professor; Engineering Technology

129C Jacobetti
Phone: 906.227.2552
E-mail: cpolking@nmu.edu

School of Education, Leadership and Public Service Adjuncts

Cindy Basse
207 Whitman Hall
E-mail: cbasse@nmu.edu
Joan Cowell

Gaby Eyzaguirre
M.A. Elementary Education

Technology Education
Phone: 906.227.2728
E-mail: meyzagui@nmu.edu

Chelsea Norton
Secondary Special Education Teacher (CI)
Lakeview Elementary, Negaunee, MI
Gina Pepin

Corinne Rockow
B.M. Music Therapy; B.M.E. Music Education

208 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1475
E-mail: crockow@nmu.edu
Video Introduction

JoeyLynn Selling
Adjunct Instructor
218 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.1804


Kim Smith
Biology Instructor
193 Whitman Hall
Carole Touchinski

Graduate Assistants



Jessica Betz
196 Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.2976
E-mail: jesander@nmu.edu

Barbi Albrecht Nebel
Whitman Hall
Phone: 906.227.2729
Joni Toivonen
217 Whitman Hall