Masters of Public Administration

Now offered entirely online

The master of public administration degree is the premier degree, recognized internationally, for those who are interested in public sector or non-profit careers in management. The degree is targeted towards those individuals who are currently employed and are looking to gain a professional edge. The degree can also be appropriate for pre-service students who are looking to break into the field. 

The curriculum includes courses in personnel, budgeting, public policy, research methods, organizational theory and ethics. The department offers concentrations in public management, criminal justice, human resources, as well as state and local government. The academic goal of the program is to demonstrate the relationship between theory and practice. 

In-service students (those currently employed) not only benefit from the coursework of the program, but also from the interaction with other professionals. For pre-service students we offer a wide-range of internship opportunities so they can gain valuable experiences that will help them in their career development. 

Students must keep in mind that a graduate education is not only an investment of money, but also of time. A graduate education requires more than just showing up class. Some courses and/or program requirements will require you to work independently or in groups outside of the normal class time. Students will be required to make presentations, conduct research and lead class discussion, in addition to the normal classroom tests and papers. We intend the program to be both challenging and rewarding. 

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Admission Requirements
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