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What is it like living in the residence halls?

Living in the residence halls is wonderful way to get students out of their comfort zones, whether your student is outgoing or a little more reserved. The residence halls provide a lot of opportunities for your student to grow by allowing students to experience living in a shared space, doing their own laundry, and attending events planned by other students living in the area. Living in the residence halls is a great way for meeting new people and making friends. Back to the top

How safe is the campus?

While crime does occur on Northern’s campus, the campus does offer several resources on campus to help keep the community safe. There are 21 blue emergency poles across campus that with a push of button, connects you to the NMU Police Department for an immediate response. The residence halls are locked nightly at 10pm, with only card access offered to students living in the building,  nightly RAs on duty, and Security assistants that do rounds of the halls and report any suspicious activities to the housing staff or the NMU Police Department. The NMU Polcie Department is also available to students who feel afraid to walk across campus by themselves at night and will help escort the student to where they need to go. If at any point your child feels unsafe, please have them contact a housing member, the Dean of Students office, or Public Safety.Back to the top

Does NMU offer any type of learning resources or tutoring to students?

There are several locations across campus to provide the tools necessary to help your student succeed. On the lower level of the Learning Resource Center, there is the All-Campus tutoring center that provides tutoring services for most academic programs. There is also a Writing Center in the Learning Resource Center for students to get feedback on their papers.

A tutoring office dedicated to helping students enrolled in Engineering Technology and Technology and Occupational Sciences is offered in the Jacobetti Complex.

Learn more about tutoring hereBack to the top

Should my child bring a vehicle to campus?

Bringing a vehicle to campus has some positives such as the ability to go to local attractions that may be a little far to walk to or easily getting home.  However, a vehicle is not necessary as there are a lot of attractions within walking distance to campus. With tons of local dining areas and stores in downtown Marquette, many students walk or bike to see what the city offers.  There is a city bus system and cab service. There is a free Friday shopping shuttle to Meijer, Target, and Walmart. Back to the top

Where is parking?

Parking is located all around campus, with most parking located near the residence halls or academic buildings. If your student is commuting, the earlier they get to campus, the better of a parking spot they will be able to find closer to their academic building. Check out the parking map here. Back to the top

What is the 6 week challenge?

The six week challenge is a challenge offered to new students of Northern to stay on campus for six weeks without going home, or having their family members coming to visit them. The reason for this challenge is to have students participate in campus activities to gain connections and meet people on campus, whether that’s in the residence halls, student organizations, or employment opportunities.Back to the top