CTL Team

The NMU Center for Teaching and Learning supports NMU faculty with a wide variety of programs, resources, support, and services. 

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Smock_Matt.jpgMatt Smock 
Office: Harden Hall 112A 
Phone: 906-227-1886 
Email: msmock@nmu.edu


CTL_portraitstom_2016_0018_2_0.jpgTom Gillespie 
Senior Instructional Technologist 
Office: Harden Hall 112E 
Phone: 906-227-2413 
Email: tgillesp@nmu.edu


CTL_portraitsscott_2016.jpgScott Smith 
Instructional Technologist
Office: Harden Hall 112B 
Phone: 906-227-1867 
Email: scotsmit@nmu.edu


CTL_portraitsstacey_2016_0012_-_Copy_2_0_0.jpgStacey DeLoose 
Instructional Technologist 
Office: Harden Hall 112D 
Phone: 906-227-1860 
Email: sdeloose@nmu.edu


GaryLisa Flood
Teaching and Learning Scholar 
Office: Harden Hall 106 
Phone: 906-227-1673 
Email: lflood@nmu.edu


Previous Scholars

GaryGary Stark (2017-2019)
Teaching and Learning Scholar 
Phone: 906-227-1244 
Email: gstark@nmu.edu
tdelpier.jpgTerry Delpier (2015-2017)
Teaching and Learning Scholar 
Phone: 906-227-1676
Email: tdelpier@nmu.edu
JillJill Leonard (2013-2015)
Teaching and Learning Scholar
Phone: 906-227-1619 
Email: jileonar@nmu.edu