All workshops last approximately one hour.  To register, please visit The Hub.  (Registration is free and will open soon)





Marketing Yourself “On Paper”: Resumes and Curriculum Vitae’s (CVs)

In-Person:  Tuesday (9/8/20) at 5 PM

Virtual:  Friday (9/11/20) at 12 PM

Rise to the top of the “keep” pile, by learning to structure a resume/CV that takes the guesswork out of your candidacy as you pursue your career or an advanced degree. Learn the newest methods and where to place experiences to showcase your exceptional qualities and capitalize on your personal skills and strengths. Sort out how much detail to include, as well as how to avoid common missteps. Make your resume or CV work for you!


Stellar Cover Letters, Employer Correspondence, and Meaningful Thank You Notes – Make It All Count!!

In-Person:  Wednesday (9/16/20) at 6 PM

Virtual:  Friday (9/18/20) at 12 PM

Cover letters can be a powerful tool if you use them correctly (and they do not have to be intimidating to write). Learn the basic structure, and methods to make them engaging, shedding light on your interests and why you should be their number one candidate. Prepare for job seeking with potential employers and communicating genuine enthusiasm for job opportunities, pre or post interview. Be in it to win it!


Virtual Job Fairs and Recruiting: Standing Out in a Digital Landscape

In-Person:  Tuesday (9/22/20) at 6 PM

Virtual:  Friday (9/25/20) at 12 PM

It has never been more important to shine in the virtual space, as recruitment largely shifts online to protect the safety of the job seeker and recruiters alike. Learn about the platforms many colleges are using to launch virtual career fairs, including NMU, and important considerations as you dive into virtual recruiting events. 




Become a Networking Ace: Both Virtually and In-Person

In-Person:  Tuesday (10/06/20) at 6 PM

Virtual:  Friday (10/9/20) at 12 PM

The thought of “networking” may make you cringe, or maybe you collect all kinds of great connections, but without intentional action. This workshop will help you find methods to build your networks, while navigating your nerves, and make meaningful professional relationships.


Positivity and Your Career – You’ve Got This!!

In-Person:  Monday (10/12/20) at 4 PM

Virtual:  Friday (10/16/20) at 12 PM

Are you a believer in the power of positive thinking? Do you know how your thoughts can fuel or negatively impact your success? This workshop explores the importance of positivity in your life and career and ways to capitalize on this approach now and into the future.


Salary Negotiation – Don’t be intimidated!

In-Person:  Wednesday (10/28/20) at 5 PM

Virtual:  Friday (10/30/20) at 1 PM

Getting ready to apply and interview for jobs? Be ready to negotiate your salary and/or benefits and feel confident stepping into the conversation. Learn about negotiation - when to do it, why, how, and what types of benefits can be negotiated.




Understanding and Leveraging Your Strengths: CliftonStrengths

In-Person:  Monday (11/9/20) at 6 PM

Virtual:  Friday (11/13/20) at 12 PM

Knowing your unique strengths and being able to articulate them in action is a powerful way to represent yourself while job searching, as well as on-the-job. If you have not taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and would like to, please contact Career Services to arrange an appointment. Participants are not required to have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to attend this workshop.


Questions should be referred to NMU Career Services at 906-227-2800 or  Workshops are brought to you by Career Services and the Student Leader Fellowship Program.