All workshops last approximately one hour.  Please register at  (Registration will open at the beginning of the winter semester)


Writing Great Resumes and Cover Letters | Monday, February 11 @ 4 PM | 2303 C.B. Hedgcock

Learn to create an effective resume that will get you noticed in today's job market.  This workshop will cover resume writing techniques and you'll learn how to avoid some common resume missteps.  Find out the best ways to make your resume work harder for you!  Then learn about what makes an effective cover letter to go with it!


Career Preparation and Searching Isn't a Movie Montage...| Tuesday, March 12 @ 5 PM | 2303 C.B. Hedgcock

Have you ever watched a movie montage and thought - well that looked easy!  Have you ever been inspired by them?  Movie montages can make complex tasks seem too quick to achieve, and can make a lifetime sail by in just minutes.  They also aren't terribly realistic.  Don't be discouraged!  This workshop will teach you tips and tricks for your career preparation and job search that will reassure you that the steps are doable and leave you inspired, but do so with realistic approach!


How to "Win" a Job Fair | Thursday, March 14 @ 6 PM | 2303 C.B. Hedgcock

Job fairs are much more than just a way to look for a job!  Learn how to get the most out of the experience by attending this workshop.  Find out what to expect from the event itself and how best to prepare.  We'll cover what to do before, during and after the event to come out on top!


Etiquette in Careers | Monday, March 18 @ 6 PM | 2303 C.B. Hedgcock

Practicing proper etiquette throughout your career can be the difference in your success from the start - from your job search process to your first years of work, and into your future career ambitions.  This workshop will give you insights on etiquette in all areas of your career path, from initial communication with prospective employers, to interviewing, to getting started in a new role.


Generations in the Workplace | Monday, April 8 @ 4 PM | 2303 C.B. Hedgcock

Your work place may have employees spanning as many as three generations all at one time, making for a varied collection of unique qualities and talents.  However, these generational differences may also inadvertently be cause for miscommunication or differing work preferences.  Join in on the discussion regarding generations in the workplace, and how we can all work together most effectively to achieve the same goals.


Salary Negotiation-Don't Be Intimidated! | Monday, April 15 @ 5 PM | 2303 C.B. Hedgcock

Getting ready to apply for jobs?  Be ready to negotiate your salary and /or benefits to make sure you're not leaving money on the table.  Learn about all aspects of negotiation - when to do it, why, how, and what types of benefits can be negotiated. 




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