Employer Internship Toolkit

Interested in developing an internship program, or finding out how to recruit NMU interns? Find out more by choosing the appropriate topic below:

Learn about Internships (pdf)

Find out what makes an internship and how interns can help your organization.

Why NMU Interns? (pdf)

We know our Wildcats are the best, and we want you to know it too!  

Liability and Legal Concerns (pdf)

Learn what separates an unpaid internship from a paid internship, who is liable for interns, and other legal concerns.

Developing an Internship Program

Follow the steps through developing your internship program, including sample internship descriptions, learning outcomes, and interviewing procedures.  Click above to start, or choose a topic below.

Set Goals  |  Write a Plan  |  Recruit  |  Interview Process  |  Managing an Intern  |  Exit Interview/Follow-up

NMU Departmental Requirements

Different departments and majors have varying requirements with regards to how many hours per credit hour, whether an internship should be paid or not, and other academic considerations.  Click through each major to learn more. You'll also access a list of departmental contacts, though you can always work directly with us.  

Forms to Download

Ready to get started?  We'll get you in contact with the appropriate faculty adviser if needed, but if you want to know what kinds of paperwork you'll have to complete, follow this link.  

Terms and Definitions (pdf)

Download Toolkit as a PDF

Click the link above to download a quick overview guide in PDF format!


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