Photo of Robert Mahaney at a board meeting

Board of Trustees

Northern Michigan University's eight-member governing board, the Board of Trustees, is appointed by Michigan's governor and has general supervision of the institution, the control and direction of all expenditures from the institution's funds, and such other powers and duties as prescribed by law. It also has the authority to hire and evaluate the university president, who reports directly to the board.

Meeting Schedule

The meeting dates webpage lists the dates, times and locations of all upcoming Board of Trustees meetings. 

University Administration

Learn more about the other branches of university administration, including the President's Division, Extended Learning and Community Engagement, and Finance and Administration.

Learn more about the specific work that the Board of Trustees does throughout the year in <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/boardoftrustees/news-and-events">news and events</a>. The board is often present for campus events and meets students throughout the school year.

Board of Trustees906-227-2232board@nmu.edu