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From the 6th floor

Winter is definitely here and likely here to stay.  Most of the U.P. has a blanket of snow on the ground; the ski hills are up and running.  It’s probably safe to say we’ll have a white Christmas.

Happy Holidays from NMU

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Cogeneration heat and power plant

NMU has applied for a permit to build a combined heat and power cogeneration plant that would be an addition to the Ripley Heating Plant. In addition to an estimated 20-30 percent increase in energy efficiency, the facility will help the university realize significant net cost savings of more than $1 million per year. This plant would be multi-fuel capable, meaning it could burn wood, natural gas or coal. Northern’s plan is to use primarily wood by-products and wood chips that are already available in the Upper Peninsula, those currently unused by the wood-related industries. University officials have met with leaders of these industries and have been assured there is an adequate supply for this operation. Using wood would also result in an estimated 90-120 new U.P. jobs. This plant will also have a research wing that will allow science students to study current and future biofuel production, CO2 sequestration and wood gasification. It will be one of the cleanest plants in the state and at the forefront of the Michigan 21st Century Energy Plan and Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s Renewable Energy Initiative.

A Department of Environmental Quality hearing was held in November and once a decision is made about the permit, NMU will begin the full design process. The plant is one of the two priority projects on NMU’s capital outlay list that is annually requested and turned into the state – the other is renovation of Cohodas Hall – but as of right now the state has not resumed funding capital outlay projects, so funding is still an issue. The plant will cost about $55 million. From the time Northern has funding, it will take about three years to get to full implementation.

500 to receive degrees

Commencement exercises are set for 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 15, at the Superior Dome. More than 500 students are eligible to receive degrees. Commencement is at 10:30 a.m. No admission tickets are required; the public is invited to attend. Kevin Boyle, a 1981 NMU graduate and one of the nation’s leading communications lawyers, will give the commencement address.

Wildcat Night Across the County, February 15

Alumni around the country are lining up their parties for the NMU Alumni Association’s annual Wildcat Night Across the Country celebration.  This year’s event is taking place Friday, Feb. 15. The NMU hockey teams faces off against Ohio State University, in Columbus, on the Big Ten Network. Game time is 7 p.m. Eastern. 


These locations have their party planned:

• Battle Creek, Mich.

• Asheville, N.C.

• Seattle, Wash.

• Grand Blanc, Mich.

• Livonia, Mich.

This event gets bigger and better every year.
Get your location on the list today!
It's easy to do.

Simply find a location (sports bar/restaurant) that gets the Big Ten Network and get in touch with us.
We'll help you with the details and let everyone know.

This is a fun way to get together with Wildcats in your area.

 Minneapolis-St. Paul alumni reception planned

The NMU Alumni Association Board of Directors and NMU President Les Wong invite NMU Alumni and Friends in the Twin Cities area to a special evening at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center.

Mark your calendars for Friday, Jan. 25, 2008.

Trading lab set to open

NMU will officially open its Financial Trading Lab in a ceremony from 5-6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 11. The very dynamic classroom laboratory is located in room 202 of the University Center, directly across from the Wildcat Den. The lab features a continuous electronic stock market banner, along with dozens of computers with stock market analysis software. It has become a popular spot for students, faculty and staff walking through the University Center to stop and spend a few minutes as they check out the stock market action. NMU’s College of Business, through gifts from alumni and friends and support from the university, created the Superior Fund, a student-managed investment fund, about a year ago. The combination of the fund and the new laboratory makes for a powerful, hands-on learning opportunity.

We asked for help…and we got it!

Boy, folks sure had fun with this photo.  As you will recall, the photo was found in old files of a retiring faculty member.  We wanted to identify the group and the individuals so we could pass the photo and information along to NMU Archives.

We received a ton of e-mails from alumni nationwide and we now know it is likely the 1956 football team at an end-of-the-year banquet at the Tip Top Café. Lots of folks recognized Coach Money and Coach Gustafson.

We have done our best to identify folks. If you know someone we missed or if you think a name is incorrect, please let us know.

Special thanks to Fritz Wilson ’58 for all his help.

1. Pierce Roberts ‘53 15. 29. Nick Arger 43.
2. 16. 30. 44. Ernie Toivinen
3. Brodie Westen ‘58 17. 31. Burt Gustafson ‘50 45.
4. C.V. Money 18. 32. 46.
5. Lloyd Eaton 19. 33. Jim Wickman ‘58 47. Dick Stephens ‘59
6. Muggs Gingrass ‘51 20. 34. 48. Gary Adams ‘60
7. 21. Whitey Warren 35. 49. Bill Lusa ‘60
8. 22. 36. 50. Dick Allen ‘60
9.  Budd Tompkins ‘60 23. Rex Terwilliger ‘58 37. 51.
10. 24. 38. 52.
11. 25.Tom Schwalbach ‘60 39.  
12. 26. Willie Erickson 40.  
13. Joe Corbiel ‘58 27. 41.  
14. 28. Juan Mentick 42.  

We received too many emails to share them all, but here are a few.

“I had fun with this photo. I think it is the 1956 NMU football team. Why Pierce Roberts and Dede Erickson are included (?), I don’t know. Maybe they were assistant coaches? This may help: Front row, first person, Pierce Roberts; third person, Brodie Weston, fourth person, Red Money, Athletic Director; sixth person, Morgan "Muggs" Gingrass, Assistant Coach; Fourth row, first person, Joe Corbiel, second person, Fritz Laurion; Middle of picture, smiling blonde, Warren Whitey Wilson; off  his left shoulder, Rex Terwillger; next to Rex, Tom Schwalbach, and that's about it.”
L. Sandy MacLean ‘56
St. Louis, Miss.

“I'm sure it's a football team--or some athletic team.  The man with wavy hair under the door closer in the back is Burt Gustafson--a Northern icon--lettered in numerous sports and coached/front office for the Packers, I believe.  Look at a yearbook from either 49 or 59--those were the ones my dad had.”
Erik ’79 and Kathy ’81 Bergh
Jackson, Mich.

“My former father-in-law, Budd Tomkins, is in this picture. He is in the front kneeling with the light jacket. My guess is that this is the NMU football team from either 57-58-59 or 60. Budd is a distinguished alumnus and has regaled me with many stories of his day at NMU. I know the team hung out at Tip Top with Gert cooking burgers for them. One of the old football team pictures that is hanging in Whiskers came from the Tip Top and my guess is it is that team that is in this picture.”
Chris Gorence
Traverse City, Mich.

“I believe that was a picture of the undefeated football team of 1957.  In front are Brodie Westen (me), C.V. "Red" Money (Head of Physical Education and Athletic Director), Lloyd Eaton (Head Football Coach) and Morgan "Muggs" Gingrass (Marquette Recreation Director and Assistant Football Coach).  Another Assistant Coach, Burt Gustafson is in the rear left area.  Also, the person on the extreme left is Nick Arger, the owner of the Tip Top who threw the party.”Brodie Westen ‘58Macomb, Ill.Brodie@Macomb.com

“I know that my brother sent you a note about the photo. He is the one next to RED Money the coach. I am not sure but it looks like me, Chuck Westen, at the back by the door third one on the left. But I am not sure. My brother is Brodie Westen, I think over his right shoulder is James Gauther and over his left is Mark Labonte and standing two behind Red is Redman in the upper left hand at the edge is Wes Helberg. That is all I think I know but I am not sure.”Chuck Westen ‘58Alton Bay, NHcwesten@worldpath.net

“Looks good to see the inside of the Tip Top once again.  In reference to the photo you published this week on the net, I don' t seem to recognize any individual except the young man in the center of the picture wearing the black shirt with his right  thumb hanging on his right  pocket. This could be coach Gildo Canale as a student.  According to Gert Johnson, Gildo did work at the Tip Top as many, students did, to help finance their college education.  The hair cuts, also, give me a clue.  DO A's, and Butch haircuts put the time when this picture taken back to the early 1950's.  What makes this appear to be a post-athletic event is what appears to be four coaches in the front row.The picture of the door that accompanies this e-mail is that of the original entrance door to the Tip-Top.  Zoning rules forced the owners, Nick and Rose, to remove and replace the door and entrance. I asked Gert if I could have the old 7’ X 42” door. Ten years later, I picked the door up from the old Tip Top  with a little help from my friends and moved it to my home where it stood in my garage for 20 years. The story of the door really has a happy ending.  Myself, along with my grandchildren, installed the door at a beautiful place in the woods at our family cottage on the southern tip of Sugar Island. The logo on the window clearly reads "Eat Out  Often".
Harry (Henry) Kelly ‘68
Spring Lake, Mich.


Thanks for stopping by...

...Nick Zichichi ’87, his wife, Kristin, daughter Samantha, and Hannah Vaker of Almont, Mich.

From the E-mail bag

“I receive your weekly emails and enjoy reading them.  I thought that I would forward a picture of my newest child, Gabriel who was born in April 2007. Notice the NMU clothes he's wearing.  Yet, another future wildcat!  Keep up the great work.”Todd Lutheran ‘93Grosse Pointe Park, Mich.todd@lutheranbrothers.com
“Here's some good news to share with my fellow alums!  On October 12, I married Michael Iantosca in a small ceremony in North Carolina.  After our honeymoon in the Catskills and the Berkshires, we're settled in back at our home in Wake Forest, NC.  Michael is a native New Jersey boy who works for IBM.  After graduating from Duke University a few years ago, I'm now working as a physician assistant in urgent care.  We’re looking forward to a trip to the U.P. in 2008 and we'll definitely stop by the Alumni Office to say hi!”
Colleen (Bittner) Iantosca, '85, '93
Raleigh, NC

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