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Northern Michigan University serves students having varied educational, professional, and vocational objectives. In order to meet the unique needs of all students and enhance their opportunities for learning and personal development, the university provides numerous services outside of the classroom.


Special Programs

All of Northern Michigan University's programs and activities are open to commuter students.  To enhance student parent involvement, some programs provide free child care services during the events.  Throughout the school year, special activities are provided at the University Center which promote the family by designing activities that can be enjoyed by parents and children.  As they emerge, commuter student organizations are supported with advisory assistance from the Student Activities and Leadership Programs Office.  In the past, such organizations have sponsored commuter dances, coffeehouse series, workshops, and special seminars.  Programs such as the University Center Halloween party, winter break activities in the Physical Education Instructional Facility, and Christmas caroling have also been developed due in great measure by these groups.  All commuter students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in order to enrich their total collegiate experience.


Policies and Regulations

Northern Michigan University endeavors to establish policies and regulations which ensure that the living and learning environment of the academic community is free from disruption. The University attempts to establish procedures, practices, and processes which assist in the orderly pursuit of the mission of the institution. Within the documents contained in this publication are many of the policies and regulations which govern student life at the University. Additional policies may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin, Graduate Bulletin, Motor Vehicle Ordinances, University Ordinances, Administrative Policies Manual, Administrative Procedures Manual, Student Organization Handbook, and Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities publications. Copies of these publications and others are available in the Dean of Students Office.


Complaints, Exceptions, and Appeals

The university also recognizes that some complaints and grievances will inevitably arise. To address these, the university has created procedures for students to register complaints and grievances and receive a reasoned response to the issues which they bring forward.

A number of processes for resolution of specific issues are provided in existing policies and regulations. Students are expected to initiate such processes directly, when possible.  The Student Handbook can provide students with the steps required to revolve a specific problem.  In those instances where no formal resolution process has been established, or it is unclear what process applies to a given circumstance, the Complaint Other Than Grades section of the Student Rights and Responsibilities document will govern resolution.  Any questions about the application of this process or the appropriate process to resolve any complaint or appeal, should be directed to the Dean of Students office.


You might find yourself having to carry a lot of books, supplies, and personal gear around if your days are full with several classes. If so, consider unloading some of that weight by using any of several free day lockers located in these locations: West Science Building, Learning Resources Building, and both the men's and women's locker rooms of Hedgcock and PEIF Buildings. All you need to provide is your own padlock. Locker rental is available at the PEIF by the semester for a nominal fee which includes daily towel service. Specific information may be received by contacting the Recreational Facilities and Services Office.


While in the University Center, you may use one of the lockers at the NMU Bookstore (your quarter deposit will be returned when you remove your items).


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