The students employed in the Writing Center are talented individuals who show a great deal of merit within the field of writing, although they are not necessarily English majors. Tutors take a course to prepare them to work with their peers.




My name’s Hali and I’m the assistant director and floor manager of the Writing Center. I came to NMU in 2011 from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’m studying pedagogy and writing in the English MA program and have taught EN 111 and EN 103. When I’m not working, I’m normally reading or spending time with friends.



Hello! My name is Alex Clark. I am a graduate student in NMU's Master of Fine Arts creative writing program. I am originally from Mt. Pleasant, MI. As part of the graduate program, I teach freshman composition (EN111). I enjoy watching students develop a voice and a personality on the page. This is my first year volunteering at the writing center.



My name is Cecilia Smith! I am a senior here at NMU majoring in Speech, Language and Hearing sciences and minoring in psychology. This is my fifth semester at the Writing Center, and a large part of my heart has belonged to this wonderful place. Besides helping people with writing and learning all about speech, I love to read, experiment with cooking, and be silly on stage. I hope you'll come visit me at the WC sometime, and that you have a wonderful day full of sunshine and laughter. 



My name is Ian McGhee, and I am a Junior Secondary English Education Major hailing from the Chicago suburbs. When I’m back in Chicago, I work at Argonne National Laboratory writing technical documents, safety procedures, and science news articles. When I’m not tutoring, you can find me hiking, hammocking, biking, or enjoying some of the great restaurants in the Marquette area, such as Dead River Falls, Buck’s Cove, The Morgan Creek Loop, and Third Street Bagel, respectively. Some of my favorite authors include Eoin Colfer, Jim Butcher, Christopher Moore, and John Steinbeck. The ideal morning beverage is strong coffee with a splash of milk.



My name is Liz Trueblood! I am finishing my last semester! I’m an English major with minors in theatre and writing, and I aspire to go to graduate school for an MFA in creative writing after I graduate. I hail from Onalaska, Wisconsin, right on the shores of the mighty Mississippi. I am a feminist, theatre enthusiast, and novice cheese aficionado, and while I love tutoring, I also enjoy acting, cooking, hiking, swimming, and spending time with my loved ones.



Hello! My name is Sarah and I'm an honor program student majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Art & Design. I’m also president of the student organization Campus Cinema. When I’m not doing those things, I love to go for a run or relax and watch Netflix. I can also be found taking care of my two gerbils, Clarke and Octavia. This will be my sixth semester working at the Writing Center and unfortunately my last. However, I can’t wait to fill this final semester with great memories and with working with so many people on a variety of projects.



Hello, my name is Elise. As a graduating senior double majoring in Environmental Studies & Sustainability and English, finding my way between words and the world is my passion. As I complete my third and a half year (or seventh semester) here at the Writing Center, I have spent a millennia helping writers flex and hone their composition muscles. I hail from the suburb of Grandville, Michigan, just outside Grand Rapids. My favorite things to do other than tutor are to read, procrastinate, hike, play video games, travel, knit poorly, and marathon The Lord of the Rings films. You can create with needle and yarn, or by traveling to far off places, but the greatest of them all is writing. Composition requires nothing of you but the static of your mind and moment to spare. I look forward to helping each of you craft your stories, reports, and essays one last time.




My name is Maddy, and I tutor writers. I’m an English major with a history minor, and writing and reading are my passions. It’s sort of my conviction and tutor philosophy that we’re all writers, latent writers, writers under wraps, so I wouldn’t say I teach people how to be writers; I just uncover what was already there. I’m an archaeologist at the ends of the earth, or a covert agent, book-nosed, on the mission of a lifetime. My expertise lies in unveiling truth, that sticky molten substance thick in the hands and hearts of human beings. So take a seat, if you would, and we’ll press and pull that substance till it takes its shape.





My name is Brandon Hansen. I come from a village in Wisconsin, and I've been tutoring here for three years. I am an English-writing major, and English-writing tutor, the kind of guy who writes stories about lunatics at lakes and poems about people who throw dabs at funerals.

Here's why I love to tutor: if the thing we all want in the world is peace, and if the door before peace is truth, and communication is the key to the truth, then I don't think there's a more important thing in the world to be an educator of the language; someone who can make a voice clear, and can help to facilitate the beautiful line of truth that runs through every one of us.



My name is Hanna Shemke and I’m a senior here at Northern Michigan University with a major in English/Writing and a minor in International Studies. I’ve been working at the Writing Center for three years and I absolutely love it. The space is comfortable, welcoming, and our staff is incredible. It’s important to all of us that we provide students with an effective tutorial that will not only improve their writing but build confidence within the students as well. In my spare time, I love to read, drink copious amounts of coffee, take excessive pictures of my cat, and you will always find me at Babycakes or hitting up Marquette Mountain shredding some slopes. Feel free to stop in anytime. We love to meet new people and talk about words!




Hi, my name is Olivia. I am a senior at NMU, double majoring in English Writing and Communications. I'm usually goofing around with my dog, binge-watching Netflix, or hanging with friends.  I like getting out and finding something to do while the weather's nice, and I try not to let the winters here stop me. I've lived in Michigan my whole life, but I've been able to travel around the country a bit, even spending a summer in Alaska and studying abroad in Brazil. If I could, I'd travel more. I hope to see you here!



Hello! My name is Julia Fitch! I am a senior at NMU, originally from Bloomington Illinois, majoring in Zoology, and minoring in Anthropology. I have been working in the Writing Center since the fall semester of 2014. I also perform with NMU’s marching and symphonic bands on flute and piccolo. When it comes to writing, I am best at research papers and technical writing, but I will be delighted to help with anything you throw at me! A few of my hobbies include hiking, yoga, and anything crafty. My ultimate goal is to do conservation work with primates; however, writing will always be a secret ambition of mine.




Hi there! I’m Brian. I’m currently a senior majoring in English Writing and minoring in Psychology. Need some help with grammar, MLA, APA, or your poetry? Bring it to me! (Seriously, bring me your poems. Poetry is my jam.) Aside from reading and writing, I also like cats, hiking, acting, and music. Shameless plug: check out my writing in the newest issues of Sink Hollow, Indiana Review Online, Assaracus, The Gateway Review, and Harpur Palate. I look forward to working with you!



My name is Miranda Findlay and I am an English major. I transferred to NMU from Delta College in the fall of 2015 and I will be graduating this May. This is my second semester working in the NMU Writing Center, but I started as a tutor at Delta two years ago. I have enjoyed my years of tutoring and I know it will be one of the experiences I miss the most after I graduate. When I'm not tutoring, working in the NMU Career Services office, or in class, I'll either be at home bingeing on some addictive Netflix series or hanging out with my Phi Sigma Sigma sisters.




Hey there! My name is Julianne Blackney and this is my last semester at NMU. I am double majoring in English and Psychology. I plan to go on to graduate school to become a licensed counselor, so being a writing tutor is a fun way to see how both the English and Psychology disciplines intersect. The best part about the Writing Center is meeting new people and passing on my love for writing. Whether it’s a research paper, narrative, or lab report, it would be my pleasure to read it over and help out.


My name is Stephen Wardell! I am a senior, double majoring in English Writing and Philosophy; my minor is Art & Design. I’m really good at formatting screenplays, in addition to serious skillz in formatting MLA, APA, and Chicago style papers. I can help you break down any kind of essay, from Biology to Philosophy, and I’ve had a few of my poems published. When I’m not writing, you can find me making movies, watching movies, freaking out about the environment, baking bread, or playing with my cockapoo Ginger.




Hey, everybody! My name is Maria, and I journeyed up to the U.P. from a little town just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. This is my last semester here at Northern, and I cannot believe how fast these four years have flown by! I study Environmental Science and I have worked in the Writing Center for six semesters now. I love reading and writing. analytical papers, research papers, and creative writing are my favorite, but I cannot stand grammar terminology! Outside of academics, you can find me outside enjoying the beautiful nature of the U.P.!



My name is Ashley! A UP native, this will be my fourth year at Northern and my third year tutoring in the Writing Center.  I am a Physics/Mathematics major, with a minor in Computer Science.  I plan to obtain my PhD in Nuclear Engineering after graduation.  I feel strongly about having a connection outside of the Earth to gain perspective, and in my spare time practice amateur astronomy/astrophotography.  I enjoy tutoring - the connection I get with my peers in helping them discover writing, as well as being able to help show how important writing and speaking effectively is in all areas of academia.



Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a sophomore studying secondary education English, and I can only hope that, one day, my future self will finally choose a minor. This is my second semester at the Writing Center. I love working with students to help them realize how much they have to say and how capable they are of saying it well. When I’m not working or studying, I’m usually reading, annoying my roommate by incessantly playing the piano, or drinking more than the recommended amount of coffee at the Huron Mountain Bakery. I can’t wait to see you at the Writing Center!




Hey! I'm Niikah Hatfield, and I'm a sophomore here at NMU. I'm studying creative writing, though you'll find me in art classes too. I live in a little cabin out on my family's farm, and when I'm not out in the fields, I'm writing, playing music, or creating art. There's something special about the U.P. that makes me happy--maybe it's the combination of good people and good food. I'm thrilled to be a part of the awesome team at the Writing Center, and I look forward to seeing you here!



Hello! My name is Nick Hansen and I intern here at the Writing Center! I’m a Freshman and this is my second semester here at NMU. I’m from the small village of Long Lake, Wisconsin. I am majoring in English-Writing and minoring in Social Services. I like to hike around town and I do a lot of writing in my free time. Personally, I love to write short stories and nonfiction.  I generally help out in any way I can around the Writing Center, and I handle our Twitter and Instagram accounts, which you should totally follow!