Types of Tutoring


Walk-In Tutoring

What happens during a Writing Center visit?
Step One: Sign in with your name, your course, and your instructor’s name. We ask for this information for both record keeping purposes, as well as to inform instructors that a student been in to see us.

Step Two: The tutor will work through your paper with you. He or she can read it silently, or you can go over it together out loud – it’s up to you and the tutor to decide what you feel most comfortable with.

Step Three: The tutor will fill out an electronic record form with details of your tutorial and email you a copy for your records.

One session may be all it takes, or you may want to come back several times as the paper progresses. This is why starting your papers early is key!

Important note: The week before finals the Writing Center takes appointments only; be sure to stop by and sign up for one if you'll need to come in that week.

Online Tutoring

Please understand that online tutoring is intended for those students whose schedules or distance from the school prevents them from being able to access the Writing Center during our open hours.  Online tutoring, no matter how successful a session, can never be as beneficial and thorough as a face-to-face tutoring session, and is in no way intended to replace walk-in appointments at the Writing Center.  If it is at all possible, please visit the Writing Center in person.

For information on how to be tutored online, please visit our online tutoring page.

Important note: The Writing Center is closed during Final’s Week.