Employment Opportunities

Writing Center StudentsThe tutors that the Writing Center employs are undergraduates, with majors ranging from English to Education, that are among the best writers on campus.  Each has been recommended by an instructor, and has gone through an interview and portfolio-submission process.  In addition, all tutors have taken a 2-credit English class, EN 305—Tutoring Writing, that teaches them how to tutor writing.

To read more about the role of tutors and what exactly we do in the Writing Center, check out a paper written by Michelle, a graduated Writing Center tutor: Michelle’s paper on what tutors do in the Writing Center.

Because this tutor-selection process is so extensive, we do not give out applications for becoming tutors in the Writing Center.  If you have questions about this process, please contact the Writing Center Director, Z.Z. Lehmberg, at zlehmber@nmu.edu.