Employment and Internship Opportunities

Writing Center StudentsWriting Tutor Positions

The NMU Writing Center employs undergraduates and graduate tutors, with majors ranging from English to Biology that are excited about expression and communication.  Each has gone through an intensive hiring and training process that includes coursework and continuing education and support.

To read more about the role of writing tutors and what exactly we do in the NMU Writing Center, check out a paper written by Michelle, a graduated Writing Center tutor: Michelle’s paper on what tutors do in the Writing Center.

The NMU Writing Center hires writing tutors twice yearly. Applications are accepted through Week 12 of the Fall and Winter semesters. If you are an NMU undergraduate or graduate student interested in submitting a writing tutor application, please contact NMU Writing Center Director Heidi Stevenson at hstevens@nmu.edu.

Undergraduate and Graduate Internships

In addition, the NMU Writing Center offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate internships. If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact NMU Writing Center Director Heidi Stevenson at hstevens@nmu.edu.