Faculty and Staff

David W. Donovan, Department Head and Professor
Room: 2513 West Science Building
Phone: 906-227-2453
E-mail: ddonovan@nmu.edu
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Dr. Jacobs Mark W. Jacobs, Associate Professor
Room: 2509 West Science Building
Phone: 906-227-2557
E-mail: mjacobs@nmu.edu
Dr. Jacobs Rick Mengyan, Assistant Professor
Room: 2513 West Science Building
Phone: 227-2183
E-mail: pmengyan@nmu.edu.
Dr. Russell Neil Russell, Professor
Room: 2505 West Science Building
Phone: 906-227-1058
E-mail: nrussell@nmu.edu
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William Tireman William Tireman, Professor
Room: 2503 West Science Building
Phone: 906-227-1056
E-mail: wtireman@nmu.edu
Sean Penglase, Equipment & Stockroom Manager
Room: 2605 West Science Building
Phone:  227-2086
Email:  spenglas@nmu.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Arnold_David_2_medium.jpg David Arnold, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Room: 2507 West Science Building
Phone: 906-227-2450
E-mail: darnold@nmu.edu
Jonathan Barlow, Adjunct Special Instructor
Room: 2507 West Science Building
Phone: 906-227-2450
E-mail: jbarlow@nmu.edu
Towers_Robert_tlarge.JPG Bob Towers, Adjunct Instructor
Room:  2503 West Science Building
Phone:  906-227-2450
Email:  rtowers@nmu.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Fowler

Duane K. Fowler, Professor Emeritus
E-mail: dfowler@nmu.edu

Prof. Ralph William W. Ralph, Professor Emeritus
E-mail: wralph@nmu.edu