Reinhardt Wins AISES Award



Biidaaban "Daabii" Reinhardt, a sophomore studying physics at NMU, and a citizen of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, has been named one of thirty recipients of a new American Indian Science and Engineering (AISES) award. The award, Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), is funded by the National Science Foundation. The long term goal of the project is to increase the number of AISES members who pursue faculty positions in STEM disciplines at United States colleges and universities.

Daabii is the current NMU AISES Chapter President (she helped to bring life back to the chapter after a several year hiatus) as well as active member of the Native American Student Association. Daabii, along with other members of the AISES chapter at NMU, has been working diligently to raise funds this semester to attend the national AISES conference in Orlando, Florida in November.



Summer REU - Arika Egan


This past summer, senior Arika Egan (double majoring in physics and philosophy) participated in an REU at the University of Wyoming researching galaxy formation.  She had the opportunity to use the university's 2.3m telescope to observe and photograph 2 galaxies, NCG4242 and UGC07301 and NGC4242, which she proceeded to analyze using various photometry techniques.  She will present her findings from the project at the 225th American Astronomical Society meeting this coming January in Seattle, Washington.



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Great Science of Great Sports Talk

Dr. John Eric Goff, physics professor at Lynchburg College, gave a talk at NMU in October about sports research. Dr. Goff is the author of Gold Medal Physics: the Science of Sports.  He has also been featured on Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and All Things Considered. His many professional presentations include a recent keynote address to the International Sports Engineering Association.



Dr. William Tireman and Collaborators Publish Results of Nucleon-Nucleon Experiment

Dr. Tireman in collaboration with the E07-006 collaboration at Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab) in Newport News, VA has completed an experiment designed to study the nucleon-nucleon short range repulsive core. Learn more


Butler Attends National Association for Science Writers Conference

Elizabeth Butler, a physics and English major at NMU, attended the National Association for Science Writers annual conference held in October at Columbus, OH. She participated in workshops designed to help launch a freelance career, take passion projects to completion, a contract boot camp, and how to write science for K-12, or younger. She also had the opportunity to hear presentations from researchers at Ohio State, such as one by John Beacom on neutrino astronomy.

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