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Professor Zac Cogley

Philosophy stimulates your ability to think critically and creatively, and enhances your analytical capacities. It prepares you for a wide variety of careers, including law, medicine, business, teaching and just about any job that values good thinking and writing skills. But don't just take our word for it. Also, see what some of our alumni have gone on to do!

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A Philosophy Student's Perspective

student perspective in the philosophy departmentUndergraduates in NMU’s philosophy department get the unique experience of smaller class sizes, renowned speakers and participating in community outreach and education. Philosophy students enjoy these educational benefits under the guidance of dedicated professors, all while investigating life's most difficult questions.


Philosophy Faculty Publish New Work


Instructor Phillips co-edited a volume on Arested Development and Philosophy, Professor Aumann published "Self-Love and Neighbor-Love in Kierkegaard's Ethics" in the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook, and Professor Cogley published "A Study of Virtuous and Vicious Anger" in Virtues and Their Vices (Oxford University Press).

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Essay Prizes

Religious Studies Minor

10179_0.jpgThe academic study of religion will help you succeed in world where religion continues to play an important role.

Philosophy Club

Phillips Joins Philosophy Faculty


Kristopher Phillips will join the Philosophy Department this year, filling in for Sarah Jones while she is on a well-deserved sabbatical.
Alumni Survey

Kari_Stromberg_0.jpgWe'd love to hear how the Philosophy Department has shaped your life or career! Complete our survey and see the responses by Kari Stromberg and others.

Why Study Philosophy?

33891_1.jpgAnswers to the the hard question every philosophy student wants to ask.

Philosophy on TV

garrisonllogo2_tsmall.jpgProfessor Cogley recently appeared on the Doug Garrison Show to talk about the ethics of vaccines.