Electronic Form W-2 Information

NMU Forms W-2 are going green!   NMU employees may choose to forego the paper copy and receive their Form W-2 in electronic format only.   Foregoing the paper copy not only reduces the University’s costs associated with printing and distributing paper Forms W-2, but also eliminates the possibility of an employee’s Form W-2 becoming lost, stolen, delayed, or misplaced by the U.S. mail service or by the employee once received.

Please read the entire Electronic Form W-2 Disclosure Statement before providing your consent to receive all future Form W-2 statements in electronic format only through MyNMU.  Please also review the instructions on how to provide consent, withdraw consent, and print your Form W-2.

Employees who choose to receive their Form W-2 in electronic format only may also need to refer to the 2014 IRS Form W-2 Notice to Employee and the 2014 IRS Form W-2 Instructions to Employee (the fine print found on the back of paper Forms W-2).