Capitalism and the Family


As part of the "Your Wealth" lecture series, Professor Steven Horowitz will speak at 6 p.m. Thursday,March 26 in the Jamrich Auditorium. Professor Horwitz will provide a history of the family as a social institution and argue that capitalism/classical liberalism and the wealth that it created were fundamental in transforming the family from an economic institution that was not good for women and kids, to the predominantly emotion/affection-based institution we have today. His talk focuses on how markets liberated women and changed childhood for the better. It will also include a brief discussion of divorce and same-sex marriage. For more information, click here.
Getting Entrepreneurial
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Student Opportunities at CEEE Many opportunities exist for NMU students at the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, including internships, community presentations and more.
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Test your risk-taking attitude, business know-how and understanding of economic impacts by taking this self evaluation (pdf).
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Brown Scholarship Open

The economics department is looking for recipients for the Brown Economic Scholarship. The $500 scholarship will be awarded to an unspecified amount of applicants. Applicants must have graduated from an Upper Peninsula high school and be a declared economics major, with sophomore or above standing. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. For more information and to apply visit:

Kevin Flohe Named Outstanding Graduate

Kevin Flohe was the 2014-2015 economics department's Outstanding Graduating Senior. Flohe graduated in May 2015 with a degree in economics. Kevin plans on enrolling in NMU's Master of Public Administration program this fall.  He would eventually like to work in public policy at the state level.

Stephen Luty Wins Award for Graduating from NMU with a Perfect 4.0 GPA

Economics major Stephen Luty recently graduated from NMU with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.  He is currently employed as an accountant with the Veridea Group in Marquette.



Join The ESA today

The Economic Student Association at Northern Michigan University provides students of all majors an opportunity to learn more about the field of economics. The club brings in speakers to present on local and national issues. The ESA also volunteers at the monthly Marquette Economic Club meeting where students are provided an excellent opportunity to network with Marquette's local business people. If you are interested in joining the Economic Student Association email Kevin Flohe at or Sydney Landers at

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Academic Program Video

Economics Student TalkingStudents talk about their experiences and opportunities within the major of Economics.

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Career Opportunities in Economics

Economics Student Association presented "Business Careers in Economics" with Dr. Jesse Wright at West Science 2901 Lecture Hall A on October 1, 2013. View the breakdown of Dr. Wright's talk

From left to right: Chloe MacBeth, Dr. Robert Quinn, Sydney Landers, Dr. Hsin-Ling Hsieh, Scott Ranger, Dr. Jesse Wright, Nathaniel Roberts, Ben Tims, Stephen Luty, Alex Hawke, Markus Cook.

Majoring/Minoring in Economics

Majoring or Minoring in Economics?

Think economics is the kind of major or minor that will leave you desperate for a job after graduation?  Think again. If you are a master at understanding complicated economic factors, you’re the kind of employee these fields are looking for:

  • government and politics
  • law
  • foreign service
  • intelligence agencies
  • economic and budget forecasting
  • banking and financial advising
  • stocks and securities
  • venture capitalism and commodities
  • marketing, sales and general business
  • real estate
  • insurance
  • media
  • education