Parent Resources


Conduct Process Overview

In this video the Associate Dean of Students provides an overview of the conduct process and what a student can expect to experience if he/she is alleged to have violated university rules.  View video


Bullying on Campus

This is a video of a panel presentation at the 2012 UNITED Conference at NMU.  Discussants examine bullying from a college perspective.  Who is bullying?  Who is bullied?  Learn where to go for resources and who is available to help.  View video

Minority Students at NMU

This is a video of a panel presentation at the 2011 UNITED Conference at NMU.  Minority students discuss the good and the bad of being a student at a predominantly white, heterosexual institution and what they have learned from their experiences. View video






First Year Experience (FYE) Programs

In this video the Coordinator of First Year Programs provides a parent-focused overview of NMU's First Year Experience (FYE) Program.  Topics covered include:  Why is FYE so popular?  What does "block" scheduling mean for your student?  How does FYE impact student persistence?  View video


Disability Services

In this video the Coordinator of Disability Services discusses the differences between high school and college in regard to receiving disability services.  There is information provided regarding the process of obtaining services and examples of reasonable accommodations at NMU.  View video


PowerPoint from Parent Orientation

 View the PowerPoint from Parent Orientation session about Finances.


Parent Perspective of Student Health 101

Student Health 101 is a monthly health and wellness magazine just for students and their families.  Each issue contains valuable information that will help students make better decisions and can help you gain a better understanding of the health and wellness challenges that face today's students.  The Parent Perspective is the accompanying on-line magazine for the family.  Click here to view.


Powerpoint on Students Living at Home While Living on Campus

Now that your student will be attending college, it is a good idea to consider how certain dynamics of your relationship may be impacted.  In many ways, college education is more demanding than high school, and that means that there will likely be some lifestyle adjustments for both you and your student.

This PowerPoint draws attention to some common commuter student concerns, and offers suggestions for how parents might address these topics.