Thesis Defense Deadlines

The information below is designed so you plan sufficient time before you have to submit your final thesis to the Graduate Studies Office. It is your responsibility to comply with the deadlines.

  • 30 days prior to your graduation date: Your final thesis must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office, 1401 Presque Isle Ave. Marquette, MI 49855. Use the following guidelines to help you work backward from the final deadline.
  • 6-7 weeks prior to graduation: Work with your committee director to decide on a date to defend your thesis. Be sure that it is far enough in advance of the final submission date to allow for any re-writes if necessary.
    • Committee Director: Work with your committee director to work out the details of the location and any other type of logistics for the meeting.
    • Committee Members: Contact each of the committee members to inform  them of the date and request their attendance at the defense meeting.  Adjust the date as necessary.
    • Thesis Copy: Provide each of your committee members with a copy of your thesis at least one week (five working days) prior to your defense date for them to review your thesis.
  • Two days prior to your defense meeting: Re-contact each of your committee members and confirm their attendance. Comply with the Thesis Guidelines in regard to the proper paper and electronic copies needed and submit your thesis.