Police Academy

The Regional Police Academy is a 16-week, 800-hour police training school designed to provide basic law enforcement training to in-service and pre-service recruits. VIDEO

Firing rangeThe curriculum covers such topics as physical fitness training, firearms, precision driving, first aid and CPR, police tactics, defensive tactics, criminal justice, domestic violence, traffic enforcement, criminal law and other law enforcement areas. To learn more about the courses, go to course descriptions.

Twelve of the NMU credits taken to complete the academy can be applied to Northern’s associate of applied science degree in law enforcement or as general elective credits in other undergraduate programs at NMU.

Financial aid is available for the academy for qualified applicants.

At the successful completion of academy training, a recruit becomes licensable as a police officer through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). This training is transferable to most other states. The State Licensing Examination is given upon successful completion of all academy requirements. Passing the licensing exam, qualifies a recruit as licensable in Michigan to become a police officer. A license is granted upon employment by a police department.

MCOLES establishes the requirements for admission to all of the state’s regional academies.  To learn more about entrance requirements, go to eligibility.

For more information, please contact the NMU Regional Police Academy at 906-227-1408.