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New Criminal Justice Minor Program starting fall of 2015

Wildlife Conservation Law and Policing

This proposed minor is designed for students seeking a career as a conservation law enforcement officer or investigator in government positions at the state or federal level, or in nongovernmental conservation organizations. The courses included in the minor are specifically tailored to provide students with a unique skill set. These include a background in environmental science; knowledge of the functions of the criminal justice system; conservation and environmental law; wildlife offender behavior; appropriate use of force training in critical situations; and the nature of the illegal trade in wildlife.


Required Courses:

      CJ 110: Introduction to Criminal Justice (4 credits)

      ENV 101: Introduction to Environmental Science (4 credits)

      CJ 223: Use of Force and Less Lethal Weapons (4 credits, prerequisite CJ 110)*

      CJ 454: Wildlife Crime (4 credits, prerequisite CJ 110)*

Elective Courses (Choose One)

      CJ 273: Environmental Conservation Criminology (4 credits, prerequisite CJ 110)

      CJ 383: Environmental Conservation Law (4 credits, prerequisite CJ 110)

* Offered this summer!

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What should I consider when declaring a minor?

Criminal Justice requires a minimum of 20 credits.  If you are not sure what your minor should be, consider some of these thoughts.

Consider earning your associate's degree on your way to earning your bachelor degree.  Regardless of your major, if you choose a CJ minor, and take 4 more CJ credits, you could earn an associate's degree in criminal justice while working on your bachelor's.

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