Capitalism and the Family

As part of the "Your Wealth" lecture series, Professor Steven Horowitz will speak at 6 p.m. Thursday,March 26 in the Jamrich Auditorium. Professor Horwitz will provide a history of the family as a social institution and argue that capitalism/classical liberalism and the wealth that it created were fundamental in transforming the family from an economic institution that was not good for women and kids, to the predominantly emotion/affection-based institution we have today. His talk focuses on how markets liberated women and changed childhood for the better. It will also include a brief discussion of divorce and same-sex marriage. For more information, click here.

You, Monetary Policy, and the Economy: The Fed’s Perspective

President Narayana Kocherlakota of the 9th District Federal Reserve spoke on Sept. 23 in Reynolds Recital Hall. President Kocherlakota talked from the federal reserves perspective on monetary policy in the economy and how it affects people around the country. 

Your Wealth sponsors

money caseThe Your Wealth series is a collaboration between a number of organizations and groups, including, Northern Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences, NMU Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, Students for Liberty and Economics Student Association.

Suggest a speaker
Your Wealth presentations are designed to introduce new economic ideas to the Upper Peninsula and NMU and contribute to the economic and financial literacy in the region. Do you have a suggestion for a Your Wealth speaker? E-mail possibilities to or visit the Contact Us page.