Business, College of Courses


ACT 201 Practical Accounting Procedures
ACT 202 Accounting Concepts for Management
ACT 230 Principles of Accounting I
ACT 240 Principles of Accounting II
ACT 301 Financial Accounting I
ACT 302 Financial Accounting II
ACT 311 Cost Accounting
ACT 321 Federal Income Taxation
ACT 403 Accounting III
ACT 412 Advanced Cost Accounting
ACT 422 Advanced Federal Taxation
ACT 431 Accounting Information Systems
ACT 441 Auditing
ACT 443 Fraud Examination
ACT 482 Accounting for Non-Profit Enterprises
ACT 488 CPA/CMA Problems
ACT 491 Internship in Accounting
ACT 495 Variable Topics in Accounting
ACT 498 Directed Study in Accounting

Computer Information Systems

CIS 100 Computer Concepts
CIS 110 Principles of Computer Information Systems
CIS 112 Microsoft Applications for Business Students
CIS 155 Software Development I
CIS 212 Computer Assisted Problem Solving for Business
CIS 226 Introduction to Networks and Security
CIS 250 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 291 Internship in Computer Information Systems
CIS 295 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
CIS 297 Directed Studies in Computer Information Systems
CIS 298 Directed Studies in Computer Information Systems
CIS 336 Network Operating Systems
CIS 351 User Interface Design
CIS 355 Web Applications Programming
CIS 415 Systems Development Project
CIS 440 Management Information Systems
CIS 464 Database Management Systems
CIS 491 Internship in Computer Information Systems
CIS 495 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
CIS 496 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
CIS 497 Directed Studies in Computer Information Systems
CIS 498 Directed Studies in Computer Information Systems


FIN 224 Personal Financial Management
FIN 301 Introduction to Risk Management
FIN 324 Personal Insurance and Financial Planning
FIN 351 Financial Management I
FIN 352 Financial Management II
FIN 354 Money and Capital Markets
FIN 369 Introduction to Technical Analysis
FIN 375 Commercial Insurance
FIN 413 New Venture Finance: Capital Formation and Legal Issues
FIN 420 Financial Statement Analysis
FIN 433 Insurance Operations
FIN 450 Estate Planning
FIN 458 International Financial Management
FIN 460 Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning
FIN 461 Management of Financial Institutions
FIN 462 Investment Analysis
FIN 463 Portfolio Management
FIN 490 Financial Strategies and Applications
FIN 491 Internship in Finance
FIN 495 Variable Topics in Finance
FIN 498 Directed Study in Finance

Information Systems

IS 100 Introduction to Windows, E-mail and the Internet
IS 101 Beginning Word Processing
IS 102 Beginning Spreadsheets
IS 104 Beginning Database
IS 203 Advanced Spreadsheets
IS 295 Special Topics in Information Systems
IS 436 Network Security Tools and Techniques


MGT 121 Introduction to Business
MGT 215 Entrepreneurship
MGT 221 Business Law I: Legal Environment of Business
MGT 228 Customer Service
MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management
MGT 285 International Business Seminar
MGT 295 Special Topics in Management
MGT 325 Operations Management
MGT 326 Deterministic Models in Business
MGT 327 Random Models in Business
MGT 336 Cyber Law
MGT 341 Event Planning
MGT 342 Event Management
MGT 343 Human Resource Management
MGT 344 Managerial Communication
MGT 355 Methods of Training
MGT 360 Controversial Issues in Marketing and Management
MGT 412 Compensation Design and Administration
MGT 414 Small Enterprise Management
MGT 415 Small Business Consulting
MGT 417 Organizational Theory, Structure and Design
MGT 419 Seminar in Human Resource Management
MGT 424 Conflict Management and Collective Bargaining
MGT 425 Business Research
MGT 436 Strategic Management
MGT 475 International Business
MGT 491 Internship in Management
MGT 495 Special Topics in Management
MGT 498 Directed Study in Management


MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing
MKT 310 Marketing for Entrepreneurship
MKT 331 Retailing and Supply Chain Management
MKT 335 Consumer Behavior Analysis
MKT 360 Controversial Issues in Marketing and Management
MKT 410 Sales Management
MKT 411 Personal Selling and Customer Relationship Management
MKT 430 Services Marketing
MKT 432 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 435 Marketing Strategy Seminar
MKT 438 Marketing Management
MKT 466 International Marketing
MKT 470 E-Commerce and Marketing
MKT 491 Internship in Marketing
MKT 495 Special Topics in Marketing
MKT 498 Directed Study in Marketing

Office Information Systems

OIS 101 Keyboarding for Information Processing
OIS 103 Beginning Formatting
OIS 161 Document Input and Processing
OIS 171 Medical Terminology
OIS 183 Business Administrative Procedures
OIS 185 Introductory Software Applications
OIS 244 Applied Business Communication
OIS 250 Desktop Publishing Principles
OIS 261 Advanced Document Processing
OIS 263 Business Document Editing
OIS 266 Medical Transcription
OIS 270 Health Information Processing
OIS 271 Medical Office Procedures and Billing
OIS 273 Medical Coding
OIS 280 Introduction to Law, Legal Assistant
OIS 281 Legal Office Procedures
OIS 285 Advanced Software Applications and Integration
OIS 293 Integrated Office
OIS 295 Special Topics in Office Information Systems
OIS 296 Special Topics in Office Information Systems
OIS 350 Methods and Materials in Teaching Business Education
OIS 450 Advanced Desktop Publishing
OIS 483 Studies in Business and Industry
OIS 495 Special Topics in Office Systems and Business Education
OIS 498 Directed Study