2016-2017 Legislation


The ASNMU Resolution from the previous year was amended by the General Assembly to get support from the faculty Academic Senate. The Resolution also received support from the NMU President's Council.


ASNMU approved a resolution written by Connor Loftus to explore how many NMU students, faculty, and staff miss meals or go hungry due to finances, time constraints, or other reasons. This resolution resulted in the creation of a University working committee dedicated to exploring this issue through a survey that is actively working to bring a food pantry to our campus.

2015-2016 Legislation


ASNMU Representative Sheila Williams worked with the Native American Student Organization, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and Native American Language and Culture Club to develop a resolution in support of Indigenous People's Day at Northern Michigan University. This day will celebrate the history and culture of Indigenous Peoples in the United States on a day traditionally known for Christopher Columbus. The resolution is being presented both to NMU leadership and elected officials.