NMU Alumni Association Membership Boat Cruise

Aboard the Keweenaw Star

Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008

Alumni Association board member and maritime historian Fred Stonehouse '70, '77 narrated the cruise. Captain Kraig handled the piloting responsibilities.

A great view of the Superior Dome from the water.

Art Pickering '78 looks out toward the Black Rocks.

The infamous Black Rocks as seen from the Keweenaw Star.

Joan '85 and Mike '80 Hill, Paula McCormick, Chuck Warner.

Joan and Jim '77 Johnson.

Nancy '61 and Frank Bell

Jon Christensen '77, Joe Huss '76, '83, Sue Christensen '81, '90.

Brian and Gerri ' 83 Daniels, Betsy '84  and John Jaakola

Sandy Johnson, Chris Heiskanen '73, '77 and Loreene Koskey

Jack '71 and Jeanne '71 LaSalle

Ashlee DeDuijtsche '06 and Paul Peterson

Stan Lindberg '43 and Al Salmi '65, '67

Gail and Doug '76 Miller and Sten '61 and Jane Taube

Larry '95 and Becky Tavernini