NMU Alumni Association Awards

2017 Award Winners

Introducing the 2017 Alumni Award honorees, pictured below from L to R, top to bottom: Alumni Service Award - Jim Jenkin '81, '84; Alumni Achievement Award - Ron Fonger '86; Alumni Achievement Award - Kevin Chandler ’00, ’03; Distinguished Alumni Award - Todd Holmstrom '90; Distinguished Alumni Award - Paul Blemberg ’72; Outstanding Young Alumni Award - Josh Ewalt '08; and Outstanding Young Alumni Award - Lee Francisco ’02, ’05.  

Each year since 1964, the Northern Michigan University Alumni Association has presented accomplished alumni with the association's highest honor--the Distinguished Alumni Award. This award recognizes graduates who have achieved records of outstanding accomplishments of national note within their chosen professions. Ideally, these extraordinary alumni also have a strong connection to their campus and the mission of the NMU Alumni Association.

In addition to the Distinguished Alumni Award, four other categories recognize alumni who have been a positive influence on their professions or on their communities through public service or who have demonstrated exceptional performance that place them above the norm.


Alumni Association Awards are presented annually at Homecoming. They include: the Distinguished Alumni Award; Alumni Achievement Award; Outstanding Young Alumni Award and Alumni Service Award. An additional award, the Alumni Civic Leadership Award, can be presented at any time during the year as determined by the Alumni Association Awards committee.

Criteria for Awards
How To Nominate

Past Award Winners

Alumni Achievement Award
An NMU alumnus/alumna who has notable professional achievements on a regional or local level. Other factors include contributions to their community and documented leadership at the regional or local level. It was awarded for the first time in 2007.
Alumni Community Service Award
An NMU alumnus/alumna whose volunteer service to his/her community has been outstanding for a minimum of 10 years. The recipient shall have made significant contributions to the quality of life in his/her community. This award may be presented in the community in which the recipient resides, during Homecoming Weekend, or at another event determined by the Alumni Association Awards Committee.
Alumni Service Award
An NMU alumnus/alumna whose volunteerism, contributions and/or recruitment efforts on behalf of NMU are above the norm, evidenced by loyal and outstanding service in areas such as the NMU Alumni Association; the NMU Development Fund, establishment of a scholarship, serving as an alumni ambassador and/or mentor, or service to school, departmental, or other NMU committees.

Distinguished Alumni Award
An NMU alumnus/alumna who is outstanding in his/her profession and has made significant contributions to society and/or their field. Other factors include demonstrated leadership and/or honors received that clearly sets them apart from their peers; a person who is distinguished by his/her achievements.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award
An NMU alumnus/alumna under 36 years of age who has shown endeavors in professional, civic, business, political or similar activities, that set the candidate clearly apart from his/her peers and has shown service and/or honor to NMU through their endeavors.


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