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Center for Student Enrichment Staff 2020-21

Center for Student Enrichment

The Center for Student Enrichment seeks to provide you, the students of Northern Michigan University, with a variety of extracurricular experiences that will enable you to grow personally and professionally, to connect with the campus and surrounding communities, and more thoroughly enjoy the college experience. In the process, we will seek to help you develop the skills and awareness required to be an effective leader and an engaged citizen.

Student Organizations

There are almost 300 student organizations at Northern Michigan University, and they range from special interest to academic. Check out The Hub for a full list of student organizations.

All student organizations must re-register each academic year. Register your student organization for 2020-2021.

To plan an activity/event or reserve a room/table, "Create Event" in The Hub.

COVID-19 Event Resource Guide

More policies and guidelines are available on the policies for organizations page. 


Are you looking to get your student organization off to a great start? Do you need some help planning an event? Watch QuickTips! (For Student Organizations)! These short (3-5 minute) videos will help your student organizations run smoothly this year.


Campus Cinema will be showing How to Build a Girl on Saturday, Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. in Jamrich 1100. Get your free ticket at tickets.nmu.edu.<a href="https://www.nmu.edu/studentenrichment/pickone-catalog">Pick One</a> is an initiative at Northern Michigan University that encourages all students to build friendships, connect to campus and get involved. While you’re exploring your interests and building your resume, you’ll also become a more engaged member of the NMU community.

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Center for Student Enrichment Staff

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