The sociology program includes a wide range of courses suitable for majors or minors in sociology, and for students who would benefit from an understanding of human social behavior. The core of the major emphasizes both theory and methodology, particularly as they may be applied to the study of human interaction, social institutions or analysis of contemporary social problems. 

Student dancing on deskLearning in sociology classes is fun, too! In the picture on the left, a student dances to ZZ Top on Professor Jeanne Lorentzen's desk in SO 101. Dr. Lorentzen says "On the first day of class I always ask my students why they are sitting in their seats, why aren't they doing something else, because they could. Then I ask, for example, why aren't you dancing on my desk? Through out the semester I issue frequent invitations to students to dance on my desk. Some semesters I can't get any student to dance on my desk because they have been so thoroughly socialized to behave as students. But about 70% of the time a student will volunteer to dance on my desk. I select the music, crank it up, and the student dances. Sometimes I can get about half the class to get up and dance for a few minutes too."

In Dr. Yan Ciupak's SO 308 Reserach Methods Class (pictured below and right), students use drawing and role-play to illustrate everyday reasoning error. Students interaction through drawing and role-play exercise.In SO 113, the class had the opportunity to have a peek at how Chinese celebrate their biggest festival-- The Chinese New Year through a webcam session with a common Chinese household. This classroom experience is tied into the discussion of culture, globalization, and media. Sociology classes at NMU will introduce a variety of topics in new and exciting ways, whether dancing on a desk or video chatting with people in China!

The sociology program offers a major in general sociology.

  • Sociology Major: This option includes courses in the methodology of sociology.  It is the best choice for students who plan on a career in sociology or an applied field that calls for conducting research, doing surveys or evaluating programs.  Students develop and practice their skills in conducting social science research.


The sociology minor complements many majors well.  Almost any career that requires understanding society, human diversity or the methods by which we study society could benefit from coursework in sociology.  The wide array of sociology course offerings also makes excellent general electives, regardless of your major.