Public Safety Institute

Public Safety Institute

Northern Michigan University's Public Safety Institute offers resources in the community in law enforcement training, a police academy, MCOLES testing, local corrections academy and local corrections testing. It provides in-service law enforcement training for the law enforcement officers of the Upper Peninsula. Law enforcement agencies that look to the institute to evaluate, schedule and present in-service training include the Michigan State Police, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, United States Forest Service, Sheriff Departments, Michigan Department of Corrections and various local police departments.

Trainings Available

Find out more about upcoming events by visiting the upcoming trainings schedule. Trainings are often held in conjunction with law enforcement organizations from throughout the state and offer opportunities for local officers to receive training above and beyond. 

Legal Update 2020 TBD
Evidence Tech - Alternate Use of Light March 23, 2020
Deviant Sexual Killers March 24, 2020
Conducting Human Trafficking Sting Operations March 27, 2020
PPCT Instructor Re-Cert April 14-15, 2020
LEIN TAC June 9, 2020
Sexual Assault Awareness Training August 5-6, 2020



2019 Public Safety Institute Annual Report


Congratulations to NMU RPA Class 08/19 !!


The Northern Michigan University Regional Police Academy is currently accepting applications for the May 2020 session. Please call 906-227-1408 for information.



The <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/publicsafetyinstitute/job-listings">job listings webpage</a> is updated regularly with current job openings in the community.NMU Regional Police Academy Graduation at the Jacobetti Complex.First Aid training.The NMU Regional Police Academy holds class in the Jacobetti Complex on the campus of Northern Michigan University.NMU RPA CSI training.Recruits are taught Defensive Tactics skills.

NMU Public Safety Institute906-227-1408klove@nmu.edu

The NMU Public Safety Institute/Regional Police Academy is located in room 131 of the Jacobetti Complex.