MSU Early Assurance Program Overview

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has entered into an agreement with Northern Michigan University that provides an opportunity for early selection for entry into its medical school through the Early Assurance Program.  While application is open to all students, the Early Assurance Program primarily targets students from under-served rural or urban areas,  first-generation college students, graduates from low-income high schools, students who are PELL grant-eligible, or who have a strong interest of practicing medicine in a high-need specialty where there are health care shortages.

Students who are part of NMU’s premedical program their freshmen year may be identified as possible candidates for this program, but other students may show an interest in attending medical school later in their college career and also apply for the program.  The premedical adviser will advise students in coordinating their academic program and activities.  All students would need to show success in the science courses required for entry into MSU College of Human Medicine and participate in other activities such as volunteer work and physician observation experiences that all premedical students must typically participate in. Qualified students can apply for the Early Assurance Program during their junior year at NMU after consultation with the premedical adviser.

A key feature of the program focuses on the word ‘early’ in that successful candidates are accepted into MSU College of Human Medicine at the end of the year before they graduate from NMU.  This early admission relieves them of having to go through the standard medical school application process, interviews and hopeful selection during their senior year of college.  Please see the ‘criteria’ and ‘timeline’ links for details. 

MSU College of Human Medicine has reserved three slots for NMU students, but this does not imply a guarantee for admission.  MSU College of Human Medicine would reserve the right to select endorsed NMU Early Assurance Program students for an interview and possible selection. 

Endorsed candidates who are not selected for entry into MSU College of Human Medicine  through the Early Assurance Program, would then go forward with the standard medical school application process without having been delayed or disadvantaged in any way.