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What is the NCLL?


The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning (NCLL) is an organization that plans and offers informal educational programs and activities to enrich the daily lives of its members and others through mini-courses, regular programs, outdoor activities and social events.  More in About Us

When and how often are programs offered?

NCLL offers programs suggested by NCLL participants and community members who share their interest and desire to learn and stay active with others. More than twenty classes or events are offered each term in the day or evening - summer/fall, winter, and spring. If you have an interest, hobby, activity or experience you would like to share please contact the NCLL office, director or attend an NCLL Curriculum Committee Meeting! For more information on booklets and registration, see the Programs/Events page.


Who is eligible to join or attend programs?

Membership and programs are open to any adult interested in pursuing intellectual, recreational, and/or social activities. NCLL membership dues for the 2016-2017 year are $30 with a charge for most classes; $3 for members and $8 for non-members.   More information


What are NCLL interest groups?

Initiated and managed by NCLL members, interest groups function independently of NCLL, but we want to encourage folks to get together around particular activities they enjoy.  On-going interest groups include Bridge, Lunch Out Together, and Walking/Snoweshowing. Learn more

NCLL Memberships Makes Great Gifts!

Are looking for a unique, and useful gift, yet one that is personal and will be enjoyed again and again?

For just $30 you can purchase a gift membership for friends and loved ones. NCLL offers 80-90 programs each year that cover the arts, history, culture, tours, field trips, science, nature, hiking, snowshoeing, potlucks, health issues and MORE. Send check and recipient name and contact information to the NCLL Office and an email greeting and registration information will be forwarded to the recipient. Hard copies of the Program Booklet with the registration form and calendar are also available upon request.

Give the gift of learning!



A Sampling of NCLL Programming


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February - Striking Copper in the Keweenaw - Class

Capt. Kurt Fosburg covered the geological formations of the Keweenaw copper range. He discussed those who came because of it, and how technology has influenced advancement in search of copper. 11 billion lbs. of copper were mined from the Keweenaw. Kurt even owns his own copper mine! Great presentation. Read the Mining Journal article



January - Evolution of the U.P. 200 Sled Dog Race

Pat Torreano, Founder and Historian for the UP 200 gave a very enlightening presentation about the history and the behind the scenes activity involved in setting up the dogsled races. There are over 800 volunteers,18 veterinarians and vet techs that make sure things run smoothly and the dogs are well taken care of. They are always looking for volunteers. Make sure you get out this year and support one of Marquette's finest events.

Nice Mining Journal summary article. 


October - Dancing for Parkinson's Disease - Class 

NCLL recently had the opportunity to learn more about a local program for people who have Parkinson’s. This program helps with flexibility, strength, balance and more as we learned by watching, listening and participating along with people with Parkinson’s. We were very impressed and felt this program was engaging, educational and everyone should attend if and when given the option.  We thank Marge, Bill as well as those in the class for allowing us to share time with them.

Thought I would share some of what we learned about Parkinson’s and this program with you.

PD is a disorder of parts of the brain that control movement.  Between 50-60,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year (280 in Marquette County), and there are millions undiagnosed. The average age of diagnosis is 60 but does appear in people in their 20s.  It is more prevalent in men than in women but is not known why.

“People living with PD commonly have uncontrollable tremors, suffer from kinetic problems, such as sudden freezing, or not being able to maintain their movement; slower movements, postural imbalance, lack of control over the facial muscles (i.e. not able to smile) and are subject to falls more than the average person. Non-motor symptoms, such as depression, loss of sense of smell, gastric problems, and cognitive changes can also be caused by PD.  While dopamine normally decreases as people age, PD disables the nerve cells that produce dopamine, so it is lost at a much faster rate than normal aging.” (Sklar & Almen, Marquette Monthly, Feb 2017 http://www.dancezonemqt.org/parkinson-s-dance-article/  )

Dancing and PD

“Motion is lotion” is a common adage heard from physical therapists and other practitioners who deal with movement difficulties. This certainly holds true for those living with PD.

The Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn created the Dance for PD program in 2001 and it has spread around the world. The program is based upon engaging both the mind and the body. Research is showing that Dance for PD, when taught by qualified instructors, is associated with positive outcomes on motor functions and mental outlook. In order to include people in various stages of PD, all the movements used in a PD dance class can be done while seated or while standing.

Michigan has seven locations that offer dance classes for those with PD. The newest offering is right here in Marquette. Our own local owner of and instructor at Dance Zone, Marge Sklar, recently completed the on-line Dancing for PD course and also attended two workshops at the Mark Morris Dance Studio in Brooklyn. The instructors were taught how to apply what they learned towards a Dancing for PD class. 

The Dance Zone in Marquette

This Dance for PD class is sponsored jointly by Lake Superior Hospice and Dance Zone at no charge. The class is based on the techniques and principles learned from the Mark Morris Dance for PD program. Class is open to those with PD, caregivers, family and friends. Class is free, but donations to support the program are gratefully accepted. Dance experience is not necessary. Class meets Tuesdays and Fridays, from 2-3:15 PM and Saturdays 1-2:15. Free. The Dance Zone is located at 1113 Lincoln Avenue on the corner of College. Contact Marge Sklar at 236-1457. http://www.dancezonemqt.org/parkinsons-and-dance/


Other support options for PD near Marquette

General PD Information 

Information herein based on interview with Marge Sklar and Ruth Almen and the corresponding article that appeared in Marquette Monthly, February 2017 

By Sally Olsen, NCLL Liaison


October 2017 Spice Merchants “Foodie” Demo/Class  - a food tasting and preparation explanation class on using spices. Read the associated Mining Journal article, " ' tis the season' " and check out our Facebook posting for photos and more details. 


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March 2018


#302: Woodworker Rally 1
Mondays: March 12 – April 16   
8 am-Noon
NMU Jacobetti Center, Room 137

#304: NMU International Student Education/Program Services
Tuesday, March 20    2-4 pm
NMU Whitman Commons, Room 136

#305: K.I. Sawyer Bus Tour –
Cold War & the U.P.

Thursday, March 22    12:30-4 pm
Meet at Marquette Mall by Pizza Hut

#306: Fifty Years of Canadian Wilderness Canoe Tripping
Monday, March 26    7-9 pm
PWPL Community Room

#307: Intermediate Photography
Wednesdays: 3-28; 4-25; 5-23; 6-27    11 am-1 pm
NMU Cohodas Hall, Room 404A

#308: NMU Broadband & Education for Everyone!
Tuesday, April 3    10 am-Noon
NMU, Learning Resource Center 111B

#309: Behind the Scenes at St. Vinnie’s
Thursday, April 5    2-4 pm
2119 Presque Isle (St. Vincent de Paul)

#310: Tour of Superior Aluminum Extrusion Plant at Sawyer

Tuesday, April 10    1-4 pm
Meet at NW corner of Econo Parking lot

#311: HELP FIRE!! – What to Do Before, During and After a House Fire
Friday, April 13    1-3 pm
PWPL Shiras Room





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#312: Genealogical Tools Workshop (1)
#313: Tracking Michigan Mammals (2)

#320: Inside the Federal Judicial System (1)

#321: Make Your Own Wooden Spoon (10)

#323: Rippling River Resort Tour (19)

#324: Origami Stars and Cranes (2)

#325: U.P. People: Incredible Stories about Incredible People (3)

#326: Take a Walk & See What’s New on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail (4)

#327: Spring Wildflower Hike at Laughing Whitefish Falls (5)

#328: Devooght Dairy Farm (14)