Greetings from the Chair ....

Spring has Sprung and Summer is now here.  Many of you will be out and about hiking, biking,
gardening, fishing, and every other type of relaxing activity you could ever imagine. The flowers are starting to bloom with
signs of new life all around us. And so, it will be with NCLL. My term as Chair and Board Member is over.

It is bittersweet to leave a Board with people who have energized me, and I hope I have done the same for them. NCLL
has so many creative, industrious individuals who have made this organization far more than what people have ever
imagined. We have weathered a storm, which hasn’t quite left us Covid. On the positive side, Covid brought us all a
little bit closer together, caring a tad bit more about our fellow members. God willing, the Board will continue and make it
an even better organization.

This last 9 months, we have battled through the loss of over half our membership. We fought back with everything we
had to achieve the membership numbers of 2020. It is not the time to sit back on our laurels. NCLL will regain many of
our past members as time goes by. Our membership must become vigilant, ask the tough questions, keep the Board on
their toes so that NCLL moves ahead and does not slip backwards. Remember NCLL is all of YOU! It is up to YOU to
make this organization the absolute BEST it can be. I will be watching! LOL

There are so many people I especially need to thank for putting up with me to get us to the goal of survival these past few
months. Gail, the best board secretary I have ever seen. Darlene, a financial wizard, and a great bean counter. Sally, an
energizer bunny taking on any task I threw at her. Bev who is the most diligent person with whom I have ever worked.
Each board member I served with brought so much to the table that it would take me several pages to thank each of
them. Let it suffice to say Thank You just isn’t enough.

I have been honored to represent you as Chair of the NCLL Board of Directors these past few years. As you can tell by
my letter, I am very passionate about NCLL and its future. I know NCLL will be in many capable hands to continue all the
great programming in the future. Good luck and congratulations to all the new board members.

Ginger Bollero-Petry, Chair
Board of Directors



#102: Kick Off Potluck
Day/Date/Time: Tuesday, July 12, 2022; 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
Inclement Weather: TBD
Location: Lakenenland, 2800 East M-28, Chocolay Township
Presenter(s): Tom Lakenen, Owner & Sculptor














We know that interacting with others, stimulating the brain through learning, and physical activity is extremely important to keep us healthy.  Thus, we are working on programs and hope you will be pleased with the outcome.  Remember you can always give us your ideas for programs.  And we have need for liaisons and presenters to help us in this effort.


Safety of our members is of the utmost importance and we understand the hesitancy you may be feeling at getting out. We ask our members to wear a mask at all our indoor programs, unless medically exempt.  Our room setups will be socially distanced and we will have sanitizer available.



SUMMER FALL 2022 Registration/Membership Form

SUMMER FALL 2022 Program Booklet and Guide



Artificial Intelligence

Michigan Iron Ore Industry Museum

Argonics:  A Local Manufacturing Co.

Selma; Voting Rights






Dancingncll event photo


Medicinal Chemistry labs






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What is the NCLL?

The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning (NCLL)  is an organization whose members plan, coordinate and provide informal educational programs and events to enrich the lives of its members and the community.  More in About Us

NCLLWhen and how often are programs offered?

NCLL offers programs suggested by NCLL participants and community members who share their interest and desire to learn and stay active with others. More than twenty classes or events are offered each term in the day or evening - summer/fall, winter, and spring. If you have an interest, hobby, activity or experience you would like to share please contact the NCLL office, director or attend an NCLL Curriculum Committee Meeting! For more information on programs and registration, see the Programs/Events page.


NCLL Testimonial ...
"They [NCLL] offer such a wonderful variety of events, & at such a great variety of times, I can usually pick many events that I can attend out of every offering. I have never been disappointed, & the people are very welcoming."

Bruce Greenwood, NCLL member



Who is eligible to join or attend programs?

Membership and programs are open to any adult interested in pursuing intellectual, recreational, and/or social activities. NCLL membership dues for the 2021/2022 year are $30 with a charge for most classes; $3 for members and $6 for nonmembers. Beginning in November classes will be $10 dollars for nonmembers, although a few classes each season have a charge for materials.   More information


What are NCLL interest groups?

Initiated and managed by NCLL members, interest groups function independently of NCLL. We encourage folks to get together around particular activities they enjoy.  Currently, on-going interest groups have been canceled due to Covid. Learn more


NCLL Memberships Makes Great Gifts!

Are looking for a unique, and useful gift, yet one that is personal and will be enjoyed again and again?

For just $30 you can purchase a gift membership for friends and loved ones. NCLL offers 80-90 programs each year that cover the arts, history, culture, tours, field trips, science, nature, hiking, snowshoeing, potlucks, health issues and MORE. Send check payable to NMU, recipient name and contact information to Ginger Bollero-Petry at 1213 Sherman St. Marquette, MI.  An email greeting/program registration information will sent to them.

Give the gift of learning!


A Sampling of NCLL Programming

Decolonization Installation at Beamier UP Heritage Center

We recently facilitated a group visit to the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center on NMU’s campus where we shared viewing and discussing the “Decolonization of the Anishinaabe” exhibit.  It is a fabulous installation and we can recommend it highly.  It will be there through April 9t.h and is free to the public.  Dan Truckey, the Museum Director/curator set the scene for us and was available to answer questions and help with discussion. Thanks goes to Dan for always working with NCLL to present programs.

What is decolonization?  In the simplest terms, decolonization is when a colony controlled by another country becomes independent.

The exhibit title “The Seventh Fire’ comes from the Seven Prophecies which were given to the Anishinaabe over 1500 years ago. Using videos featuring interviews with tribal elders, Anishinaabe historians, scholars, faculty, and students it shows the different perspective. including culture, language, foodways, education, sovereignty, and the challenges of living in a colonized world.  Additionally, there is a timeline history which you can follow that has much detail and is very interesting and enlightening. 

The exhibit seeks to put decolonization in the context of contemporary Anishinaabe life while inviting others to expand their knowledge of the positive things’ decolonization brings to modern society.

The artwork by itself is a sight to behold.  Gordon Coons an artist from MN and has roots in MI did incredible artwork which is pretty hard to miss.  Gordon says he “draws inspiration from his Anishinaabe heritage and his bright color palette comes from his natural surroundings in the Great Lakes region. I express my culture through works using a contemporary style and enjoy incorporating playfulness in my images; telling stories.”

This installation and many others like it – are a result of colonization and the removal of rights from Indigenous people. A shift in consciousness about the need for continued decolonization is happening.

Congrats and kudos to the committee who put this together.  You can easily spend the afternoon learning and enjoying …….



If you are interested in Michigan history you may want to explore the historical programs offered by the Michigan Historical Society.  In particular the “history hound programs.




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Contact Us

Office Hours for SUMMER will be posted when available






Thursday, June 23, 2022 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. (This is the correct information)

If questions or to register

Beverly Braden

906- 475-4252 bbraden@consultant.com




6:30 -8:30 PM

 CONTACT Ginger at 906-228-8051 or Darlene at 906-486-9861




SUMMER/FALL 2022 Registration/Membership Form



Summer Fall 2022 Program Booklet and Registration Guide

#100: Cannabis: Medicinal & Recreational
Thursday, July 7th, 6-7:30 p.m.
NMU Superior Dome, 101 B
Cost: $5/members $10/non-members
Presenter(s): Dustin Howard & Carrie Biolo, Staff, Fire Station




#105: Sauna: What was Old is New Again!
 Friday, July 15, 2-4 p.m.
Cost: $5/members $10/non-members
Presenter(s): Ron Thorley, Frida Waara, Charlie Yeager, & Michael Kantola, Sauna Lovers & Builders
Sauna is a north country tradition, particularly when it’s old-school, wood-fired, and lakeside. So, why not build with
traditional methods? Come tour what Timber Frame and Cordwood can create




2022-2023 membership NOW available for $40.

July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Contact Gail Frinkle @734-646-4443