Status Changes

Family status changes should be reported to Human Resources (227-2470) no later than 30 calendar days after the occurrence of the change.  You may have Special Enrollment Rights in the group health plan.  Timely notification ensures:

  • Accurate dollar amounts are withheld from your paycheck for your health, dental, flex spending, and supplemental life insurance plans;
  • Prompt enrollment of your new spouse or child to your benefit plans;
  • You are not left financially responsible for medical costs incurred after the family status change as in the case of a divorce;
  • Your name and address records are updated accordingly.

For additional information on a specific status change, please click on the appropriate link below.

It is also important for HR to know when you have a dependent who gets married and if there is an associated name change for the dependent you still wish to cover on your plan(s).

A family status change is also a good time to review your beneficiaries for life insurance, retirement plans, and final paycheck.  The Human Resources Department can assist you with your beneficiary updates for life insurance and final paycheck information.  However, you must update your beneficiaries for retirement plans with either TIAA or the Office of Retirement Services (MPSERS).  If you are enrolled in a voluntary 403(b) retirement plan with any other service provider, you will want to be sure to update your beneficiary information accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kimberly Hongisto, Benefits Assistant, at x2470 or via e-mail or Kristen Bjorne, Director of Benefits, at x1030 or


** Notification must be received no later than 60 days of the event in order for COBRA Continuation of Coverage to be extended to the qualified beneficiary.  If notification is received later than 60 days from the event, the qualified beneficiary(ies) will be provided with a COBRA Notice of Unavailability.