Employee Recognition Program

2016_Excellence_in_Service winners.jpgNorthern Michigan University recognizes the collective contributions of every employee to the overall mission and commitment to the core values of the university. Our Recognition Programs are designed to encourage opportunities for those efforts to be acknowledged on a regular and on-going basis.

We strive to stimulate a culture of appreciation and foster a spirit of community. Every day is an opportunity for colleagues, co-workers and managers/supervisors to recognize employees for their contributions and service to the university.

Recognition can serve to energize and revitalize an employee and contributes to creating a more productive, motivated, and engaged employee.

Snapshot of Excellence

"Peter consistently goes above and beyond to create a warm, friendly, caring and helpful university where students feel safe and welcome. a student wrote, 'Peter Holliday has been hands-down the most helpful and supportive person I have encountered at NMU. I feel like Peter is my friend and a great role model.'"


NMU's Strategic Outcomes and Core Values
are our drivers for success!


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The 2017-2018 Nomination Period is now closed.

Winners will be announced in March 2018!