For students entering the Honors Program:

Honors Core Courses (HON)

Students successfully completing HON 101 (4 credits) and HON 201 (4 credits) will fulfill completely the “Perspectives on Society” component of NMU’s Gen Ed program. Students successfully completing HON 111 (4 credits) will completely fulfill the “Human Expression” component of NMU’s Gen Ed requirement. Students completing both these courses, HON 101 and HON 111, will fulfill completely NMU’s Written Competency requirement. Additionally, students who complete HON 211 (4 credits) will fulfill completely the “Integrative Thinking” component of NMU’s Gen Ed requirement (see the “Course Descriptions” section of the Bulletin). Optional upper division courses HON 301 (4 credits) and HON 302 (4 credits) each fulfill completely the “Social Responsibility in a Diverse World” component of NMU’s Gen Ed requirement. Note: Students must have a "C" or better in HON 101 and HON 111 to fulfill NMU’s Written Competency requirement.

Contract Courses (‘H’ Courses)

These courses may be used to support the student’s major, minor, or Gen Ed requirements, but may not overlap with other Honors Program course requirements. Full and upper division honors students should complete 12 credits in upper-level HON courses and honors contract courses. By agreement between academic departments and the honors program, qualified honors program students may enroll in existing 300-level or higher undergraduate department courses for honors program contract course credit. Prerequisites for selected courses must be met before enrollment. No later than the second Friday of the semester, the student must complete an honors program course contract in which different or additional coursework is specified after consultation with the instructor. Readings along with field, lab or studio work, and a paper, presentation or performance will be described in the contract. Students are encouraged to contact the professor during the preceding semester to ensure that the contract will be available. To earn credit towards the honors program, the student must earn at least a "B" in contract courses. Download Honors Contract. Honors Contract InstructionsSample contract A,  Sample contract BSample contract CSample contract D 

Senior Capstone Experience

In their last year of study, honors program students enroll in a senior capstone experience in which they design, develop, and present a research, performance or exhibition project in cooperation with faculty supervision.  This capstone experience has to be approved by the Honors Program Director in advance of undertaking the project. The student will co-enroll in HON 001. 

For questions regarding curriculum, please contact: Dr. Michael Joy, Honors Program Director,