Fitness Programs and Services

WorkoutThe NMU School of Health and Human Performance offers a wide variety of programs related to fitness and health. Call 906- 227-2130 for an appointment to discuss your needs and interests. Always talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program.


An adult fitness program that incorporates a scientific approach to fitness in an atmosphere that fosters enjoyment of activity. Individualized exercise recommendations are formulated by an American College of Sports Medicine Clinical Exercise Physiologist and implemented through professionally supervised exercise classes. Emphasis is on cardiovascular conditioning in a program designed to also enhance muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition.

Fitness Assessment

Available for individuals interested in obtaining an accurate view of their current fitness status and professional assistance in developing or adjusting a personal exercise program based on that information.

Body Fat Assessments

Provides a good estimation of body composition, expressed as percent body fat, to assist in setting goals for diet and exercise.

Fitness Consultations

A qualified exercise specialist will assist in design or improvement of a fitness program. This is based on the individual’s interests and goals and will include motivation, exercise selection, form, technique and resources.

Workshops, Presentations and Staff In-service

Our diverse and knowledgeable staff of health and fitness professionals are qualified to present on a wide variety of topics related to health and fitness and can tailor to your group.