New students: Watch for your award letter.

Beginning in December, NMU begins mailing financial aid award letters to new students who submitted the FAFSA.  This correspondence explains your financial aid eligibility based on the information you have provided.  Undergraduate students are awarded based upon full-time enrollment (12 credits per semester) and graduate students based upon half-time enrollment (4-6 credits per semester).  Some awards may be canceled or reduced if you enroll in fewer credits.  Award letters contain the following information:

  • Financial Aid Award Details – Your financial aid awards and the figures used to determine them. Plus, some of our most frequently asked questions and links to additional helpful tools.
  • Financial Aid Terms and Conditions – Important information regarding financial aid eligibility in general, and requirements for your specific awards. Please read this information carefully!
  • Required Information Notice – If additional items are needed to finalize your financial aid, you will find this notice enclosed. Please complete these requirements as soon as possible.
  • Financial Aid Shopping Sheet – This sheet was developed by the Department of Education to help students compare financial aid offers. You will also find data on graduation rates and loan borrowing information.

Once you attend Orientation, we will send all future correspondence to your NMU e-mail account.

Award Letter

Returning Students: Notifications are sent via e-mail.

In December, NMU begins e-mailing (NMU e-mail account) outstanding requirements or additional documentation requests to returning students.

In mid-June, NMU begins e-mailing award notifications to returning students via their NMU e-mail account. Log onto your MyNMU account to view your financial aid eligibility and to accept or decline your Federal student loans.


Turn in required documents as soon as possible.

This is such a critical point that it bears a second notation. If we e-mail or send postal mail to you, it means we have a question! Please respond as quickly as possible. Additional information regarding outstanding verification documents can be viewed on your MyNMU account. Be sure to check both the "Student Requirements" link and the "Active Messages" link.  Instruction on how to view your financial aid can be found here

Here is a list of things that can slow the financial aid process down:

  • Not sending in the required paperwork.
  • Forgetting to sign documents.
  • Leaving sections of the documents blank - fill in everything, including those questions where the answer is zero.
  • Not putting your name (the student) and NMU identification number on everything. This is especially important for families where student and parent last names are different.

If you still have questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 906-227-2327.

Common Mistakes