NMU Financial Aid Repeated Courses

The Financial Aid Office will not monitor courses that are repeated for the first time.  For Federal financial aid purposes, students will be able to repeat a course one time for any reason.

Once a student passes a course (receives a grade higher than an "F" grade) there are impacts on Federal financial aid programs for subsequent retakes of that course.

If a student has repeated a course once, and has a grade other than a "W", any subsequent attempts at that course must be excluded from the student's enrollment for Federal financial aid purposes.  Retaking "W" grade courses is not considered repeating courses.

Example:  A student enrolled in a total of 12.0 credit hours, but with 4.0 of those credits being for a course which has been repeated once before with a grade other than a "W" earned, would be considered enrolled in only 8.0 credits for Federal financial aid purposes.