NMU Scholarships and Grants

Northern Michigan University offers a variety of scholarships and awards to admitted students who will be enrolled on the NMU Campus.  The provided links give more information about each type of scholarship.  Global Campus online students should refer to nmu.edu/onlineaid. International students will find information here

2016-2017 First Year Scholarships
2017-2018 First Year Scholarships
2018-2019 First Year Scholarships

Scholarships designated for first year students pertain to students who have not attended any college/post-secondary institution after high school graduation. International students will find information here

NMU will use the overall cumulative GPA reported on the high school transcript.  If a high school computes more than one GPA (e.g. weighted and unweighted), we will use the higher of the two.

2016-2017 Transfer Scholarships
2017-2018 Transfer Scholarships
2018-2019 Transfer Scholarships

2016-2017 Scholarship Sheet: Including Cost and Financial Aid Information for New Freshmen and Transfer Students

2017-2018 Scholarship Sheet: Including Cost and Financial Aid Information for New Freshmen and Transfer Students

Additional Scholarships

Freshman Fellowship

Talent Recognition Awards are available in art and design, music and theater. Please contact those departments directly to arrange auditions or submit portfolios and to obtain more detailed information.

NMU Donor-Funded Scholarships - Scholarships listed here are funded by private donors and have varying eligibility requirements for both need and merit-based applicants. Some scholarships are program-specific, while others are open to any major.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship and Alumni Dependent Tuition Program

International Student Awards

Other Awards (NMU ROTC Room/Board Scholarship, Michigan Army and Air National Guard Grant, Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver and NMU Employee Dependent Children Tuition Program)

Other Scholarship Options

Important Notes Regarding Scholarships

New freshmen and new transfer students who meet the criteria for a scholarship to NMU will receive a letter of notification regarding the scholarship. New freshmen and new transfer students who do not meet the criteria or do not receive the scholarship will not be notified. For the new freshmen and new transfer awards, students who may meet the criteria after admission but prior to enrollment at NMU (due to updated transcripts or test scores) should contact the Admissions Office. Upon review, if students meet the criteria, they will receive written notification regarding the scholarship they will be awarded.

Re-entry students may have their original NMU scholarship reinstated if they:

  • were eligible for renewal at the time they left NMU.

  • have not attended another college or university between enrollments at NMU.

  • are within the "consecutive semesters" timeline that began with the original awarding date of said scholarship. Semesters away from NMU do count in the consecutive semesters timeline.

Post-Baccalaureate (post-bac) students are not eligible for our freshmen or transfer scholarships. Other types of financial assistance may be available. Please consult with the financial aid office regarding your eligibility.