About Us

The Economics Department at Northern Michigan University takes pride in its longstanding tradition of emphasizing the application of economic theory to real-world social phenomena. The department aims to provide students with a solid understanding of how economics sheds light on the way property rights, institutions and market processes affect human behavior and social phenomena from the local to the global level. An understanding of economics helps students to critically evaluate the role incentives play in social interaction. Students can then apply that understanding to a broad range of careers.

The Department of Economics mission is, therefore, fourfold: 1) to teach basic economics to students in support of other majors within the College of Arts and Sciences and throughout the University; 2) to contribute to students’ liberal studies education; 3) to provide the major or minor in economics for those students who desire a liberal arts degree for their careers, or for entry into graduate or professional schools; and 4) to advance economic literacy among K-16 teachers and students in the areas of economics and entrepreneurship.