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President's Committee on Diversity

The 25-person Committee on Diversity represents students, faculty and staff of Northern Michigan University. The committee in its current format was created in the Fall of 2012. Previously it was known as the Ethnic Culture Diversity Committee (ECDC). The revised committee now includes a wider representation across the university and into the local community, alumni base and supporters of NMU. A goal of the committee is to heighten the awareness of diversity and increase inclusion opportunities throughout NMU and the Upper Peninsula.







Join other community members as we celebrate and continue the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.





Diversity Statement

Northern Michigan University strives to be an inclusive community where differences are recognized as assets of the institution, respected attributes of the person and a valuable part of the university experience.

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The14th annual UNITED Conference, September 23-24, 2019. UNITED is NMUThe 2019 <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/diversitycommittee/reading">Diversity Common Reader</a> book selection is Redefining Realness by Janet Mock.

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