Begin your Course!

Access to your Web course will officially begin on the first day of the semester. Sometimes instructors will post their materials to EduCat a few days early for you to review. Other instructors may send you and e-mail to provide guidance. Not all Web courses are conducted in the same fashion, so it is important that you review the specifics of that course.

  • Log onto EduCat using your NMU user ID and password.
  • Download your course syllabus and review the requirements to complete the course.
  • Review any special notes from your course instructor and visit the site frequently to review any announcements or discussions in progress.
  • Always check your NMU e-mail on a continuous basis.
  • EduCat has an additional e-mail function as well and should be checked regularly as well.
  • All times associated with EduCat courses are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Be sure you plan your time appropriately to meet the deadlines.
  • If you have questions, or are unfamiliar with a function within EduCat, please review the EduCat guide.
  • If you experience problems with EduCat, contact the NMU Helpdesk.