Caps, Gowns & Tassels


Regalia (cap, gown, tassel)

At this time, commencement regalia is available for order online at  

  • Undergraduate (green) cap, gown and tassel package  -  $59.98 (plus tax)
  • Undergraduate gown only  -  $44.98 (plus tax)
  • Undergraduate cap only  -  $12.98 (plus tax)
  • Tassel only  -  $7.98 (plus tax)
  • Honor cord (available to undergraduates only with a current GPA of 3.50 or higher)  -  $7.98 (plus tax)
  • Graduate (black) cap, gown, tassel and hood package  -  $99.98 (plus tax)
  • Graduate cap, gown and tassel package  - $64.98 (plus tax)
  • Graduate hood only  -  $47.98 (plus tax)
  • Graduate gown only  -  $47.98 (plus tax)
  • Graduate cap only  -  $12.98 (plus tax)
  • Tassel only  -  $7.98 (plus tax)

You MUST have an appropriate cap and gown in order to participate (walk) in Commencement.  You may want to lightly iron your gown or at least hang it out before coming to the ceremony. Gowns are made of special fabric so use caution when ironing.  Be careful what you wear under your gown, in the type of high intensity lighting used to highlight the commencement stage, they become semi-transparent.


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