Degree Evaluations

Check MarkTo be eligible for a degree evaluation a student must be currently enrolled in a degree- granting program and have declared a major, concentration and minor, if required, and have acquired the minimum earned hours towards a degree according to the following :

  • baccalaureate degree – 87 earned hours
  • associate degree – 32 earned hours
  • certificate – 16 earned hours

The evaluation will include all of the courses that the student has taken (including transfer) and those left to complete in order to graduate. Students should meet with their adviser after receiving the degree evaluation.

After a student registers for graduation, he or she will receive another degree evaluation that will include a email stating if all requirements will be fulfilled after the semester.

If there is a problem with a degree evaluation, the student should contact his or her adviser immediately. Further information can be obtained from the Degree Evaluations office, 2202 Hedgcock,