Using the TV and Document Camera at Student Tables in JXJ

Connecting to the TV

  1. At the teacher station...
    1. Student table TVs are turned on at the teacher station using touch control panel.
    2. Send WePresent as the source to all student table TVs.
  2. On your work computer...
    1. Make sure the computer is connected to "NMU" WiFi (it will not work with any other network).
    2. Install/run MirrorOp Software to connect it wirelessly to the TV (download: here).
    3. Once MirrorOp is running, you will be prompted to input the IP address found at the bottom left corner of the watermark displayed on the TV.
    4. Input the four-digit code located in the top right corner of the watermark displayed on the TV.
    5. A 'Play' button will appear. Click it to begin casting to the TV.
    6. Clicking the star next to the device name will allow you to 'Favorite' it. Devices on your 'Favorites' list do not need their IP address inputted each time you want to connect.
    7. Clicking the 'Pause' button will freeze the screen but maintain the connection. Clicking the 'Stop' button will end the display, but leave the device in memory. Exiting out of the window will end the session completely.
  3. Use the touch panel at the instructor station to turn the TV off when your are finished.


Connecting the AVer Document Camera

  1. Follow the instructions for "Connecting to the TV".
  2. Install/run Sphere2 software (download: here).
  3. Connect the document camera to your computer via the USB cord attached to the doc cam and hold down the large, silver power button on the side of the doc cam. The doc cam should begin to make noises as it boots up.
  4. Once connected, maximize the Sphere2 window on your screen for the best image. Using the buttons on the bottom left hand corner, presenters can control the image, draw and add effects tp their feed, record video, and capture still images.
  5. When finished, disconnect the doc cam and turn its power button off.