Digital Signage

Consult and Define Requirements Design System

Audio Visual Services maintains the campus digital signage system as well as the NMU Charter cable channel in support of the University’s need to communicate messages of general interest to the public.  In order to insure the integrity and consistency of these electronic communication systems, the following guidelines are provided for those wishing to display content on these systems.

  1. All messages must be related to programs or activities sponsored by NMU.
  2. Content must be appropriate for all ages and may not contain language or visuals that could be considered offensive or harmful to the general public.
  3. Content must be informational in nature, such as announcements for events or general information regarding departments or organizations.
  4. Message requests must be submitted electronically with text and photos 2 weeks in advance to University Marketing and Communications at  They will create the actual display message and send it to Audio-Visual for scheduling.
  5. Decisions regarding which campus signs or channels will be used to display individual messages will be made by University Marketing and Communications or Audio-Visual based on the type of message and the intended audience.
  6. Messages regarding emergencies, closures or critical public safety issues may only be submitted and authorized by the Director of Public Safety and Police Services.
  7. Requests that fall outside of these general messaging guidelines will be reviewed by University Marketing and Communications prior to their placement on any campus electronic sign or cable channel.

For info on specific content requirements and restrictions, email Jeff Koval.