Videoconferencing, Streaming, & Recording

Videoconferencing allows live two-way video and audio interaction between two or more "remote" sites. Sites could be people at home, schools, businesses, or organizations in the local area, somewhere in Michigan, or anywhere in the world. The conference could be point-to-point (one site connected to just one other site) or it could be multiple connections from a variety of videoconferencing hardware, Macs & PCs.

Distance Learning Rooms

Audio Visual Services supports three distance learning rooms. These provide two way interactive of audio and video. They also provided the ability to share powerpoint, documents, or any content source. Sessions can be streamed live or be recorded for on-demand viewing at a later time. 

Faculty are encouraged to work with the Center for Teaching & Learning at 227-2483 for assistance in integrating videoconferencing with their teaching methods. For all other consultation, inquiries, and videoconferencing needs, please call Audio Visual Services @ 906-227-2290.


Harden Hall 111a seats 7 (COVID restrictive seats: 2), with HDMI connection for laptop.


Harden Hall 111b seats 30 (COVID restrictive seats: 18), with HDMI connection for laptop, document camera, instructor & student camera and 6 microphones.


Harden Hall 109 seats 46 (COVID restrictive seats: 24), with HDMI connection for laptop, document camera, four monitors for student viewing, instructor & student camera and microphones.


Video Bridge: AV maintains a Codian SD, and a Cisco HD H.323 MCU (Multi-point Control Unit). Both units accommodate SD and HD endpoints while preserving video resolution, speed, and frame rate of each site. Both support H.329, the simultaneous viewing of video (people) and content (data/laptop).The continuous presence video allows for multiple viewing options with FAR-Site-Control by the end user. Dial In or Out with full tech support.

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Zoom is cloud based videoconferencing system that allows for desktop sharing, chat, and breakout rooms. Sessions of up to 300 participants can easily be streamed live, recorded, and or saved as a video file for on demand viewing. All of the distant learning rooms are fully capable of hosting or participating in Zoom sessions or webinars.