Scheduling Instructional Equipment and Assistance

AV: Classroom Support supports teaching and learning in online and classroom-based environments by providing resources, tools, and services that enable faculty to innovatively use technology to deliver and enhance pedagogically sound courses. The AV: Classroom Support office helps achieve this mission by providing instructional equipment and support services for classroom instruction, by providing access to and distribution of instructional materials, and by working to improve classrooms to make them more conducive to learning.

Have an idea for using instructional equipment in your course but aren't sure how to make it happen? We'd like to help you figure it out. Looking for an idea? Come by and we'll brainstorm with you! Appointments are not necessary; please stop by at your convenience. However, if you want to consult with a non-student staff member you may want to call ahead to check on availability.


Instructional equipment enhance classroom teaching and visual presentation, and have been shown to increase retention and learning outcomes. Instructional Design and Technology, when and where possible, supply the equipment you need to project your own or pre-recorded materials, including blu-ray, DVD or VHS, material resident on your laptop or streaming video from the internet, and audio in a variety of formats. You also have access to the Media Collection found on the top floor of Olson Library. In addition to projecting prepared materials, you may also record your own video and audio presentations using formats varying from digital cameras and podcasts to traditional camcorders and tape recorders.

What is this going to cost? It's FREE!

However, we do ask you to

  • make your requests in advance when possible using the AV: Classroom Support online request form. AV: Classroom Support does take day of and next day requests but staff and equipment availability is less likely. A course ID is required for request submittal. All other requests must go through AudioVisual Services (ext. 2913) located near Starbucks within the Learning Resources building. Instructors not familiar with the operation of equipment should make an appointment with AV: Classroom Support staff before the class session in order to be shown how the equipment should be used properly.
  • let us know if you have problems with any equipment (including equipment installed in your classrooms). If we don't know it's broken, we can't fix it!
  • return any equipment borrowed for out-of-class use to the AV: Classroom Support office (Harden 112) by 9:00 a.m. the following morning.

On-Campus Equipment Use:

AV: Classroom Support provides instructional equipment and support services to all on-campus classrooms, i.e., instructional spaces scheduled by Registrar and academic departments. All instructional spaces should be equipped with at least a transparency projector and pull-down screen. Good wireless internet access should be available everywhere on NMU's campus. All general purpose classrooms are "smart" which means they are fitted with ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, sound amplification, and DVD/VHS combo players for laptop and video projections. To find out what equipment is available in your classroom, you may want to do a search using: locate classrooms for specific needs.

Academic departments wishing to purchase instructional equipment may call AV: Classroom Support (ext. 2290) for a list of equipment currently supported by the University.

Off-Campus Equipment Use:

Off-campus classrooms and extension sites contain no standard instructional equipment from AV: Classroom Support. After completing a loan form, an instructor may borrow some types of equipment from AV: Classroom Support for use in off-campus classrooms. The instructor is responsible for AV: Classroom Support equipment charged in his/her name. Support personnel and delivery of equipment to off-campus classrooms is not provided by AV: Classroom Support. The instructor is responsible for operation of the equipment in the off-campus classroom; therefore it is recommended that an appointment be made with AV: Classroom Support staff prior to the use date to be shown how to operate the equipment. The instructor must pick up equipment at the AV: Classroom Support office during service hours. Equipment may be returned to the AV: Classroom Support office or the Olson Library Circulation Desk. Equipment can be delivered to and picked up from the instructor's on-campus office if arrangements are made.


AV: Classroom Support provides the ability to camcord. Because of their particular vulnerability to theft, portable camcorders require special precautions. An AV: Classroom Support staff person will set up camcording equipment and instruct faculty or students in its operation prior to or at the beginning of the class session. Equipment will not be left in the room until the instructor arrives. Normally an AV: Classroom Support staff person will arrive at least five minutes before the scheduled end of the session to pick up the camcorder. If the recording session ends earlier than scheduled, the camcorder must not be left unattended at the end of class - AV: Classroom Support should be notified. If the faculty member does not want to wait for the AV: Classroom Support pick-up, he/she may return the camcorder directly to the AV: Classroom Support office within a half hour of the scheduled end of the class. Faculty may also make arrangements ahead of time to pick up and return the camcorder directly from/to the AV: Classroom Support office, again within half an hour of the scheduled class times.


We can supply personal instruction to

  • operate installed and/or portable instructional equipment
  • record classroom presentations. 
  • If you require a complex setup, e.g., hooking your laptop up to a LCD projector for the first time, please make an appointment to test the equipment in the classroom before the day it's needed to make sure the it performs to your expectations. 
  • Please note that AV: Classroom Support assistance related to laptops is limited to projecting sound and picture from the laptops through our equipment. The Help Desk provides assistance related to the use of laptop software & hardware.

A Note to Academic Departments regarding equipment repairs:

AV: Classroom Support will transport University-tagged departmental equipment requiring repair to and from Electronic maintenance. Repair costs will be charged to the department by the Engineering Department of the Broadcast and Audio Visual Services.