Careers and Jobs

Seaborg CenterA chemistry degree can lead you to jobs in research, business and industry, government and education.

Northern’s chemistry (ACS certified) degree prepares students to meet the minimum standards set forth by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

Some chemistry-related professions in business and industry include chemical technologist, agricultural scientist, occupational safety specialist, pharmaceutical sales representative, science lab technician, wastewater treatment engineer, crime lab analyst, hydrologist and toxicologist.

A forensic biochemistry degree helps graduates find jobs in government or the criminal justice field.

There are a multitude of jobs in research where a chemistry degree is required or beneficial, including biochemist, mineralogist, pathologist, polymer/plastics or petroleum researcher, environmental analyst, laboratory analyst, geneticist, food chemist, physician, pharmacist and toxicologist.

There are many websites that provide information about chemistry-related career opportunities, such as the American Chemical Society, the Society of Chemical Industry and the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.