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Internships are a great way to earn credits and gain valuable, entry-level experience while still attending school.The CAMS department wants to help make your internship and employment search a little easier. Please speak to your adviser for valuable internship references/suggestions both on and/or off campus.

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Other Internship Information

  • Is an internship required to graduate?
    • The only majors that require an internship are:
      • Communication Studies (or practicum)
      • Multimedia Journalism (or practicum)
      • Multimedia Production (or practicum)
  • Does it need to be paid or unpaid?
    • Either paid or unpaid (depends on the organization) – either way, however, unless it is an internship with an office on campus, an Affiliation Agreement (paid or unpaid) has to be completed and approved through Risk Management between the corresponding NMU department and the internship organization.
  • Is there anything that is REQUIRED in an internship job description?
    • Learning Objectives
      • To adapt and apply knowledge and skills gained in the collegiate major in a workplace environment.
      • To gain experience managing multiple tasks and interpersonal relationships related to careers in a desired field of employment.
      • To obtain new perspectives and abilities in the process of managing tasks coordinated by the on-site supervisor for the internship.
    • Job Description
      • Outline the planned responsibilities (e.g. tasks and activities) expected of the student and the learning opportunities provided to the student that will help achieve the learning outcomes.
    • Outcome Reports
      • Site Supervisor to evaluate the student both halfway through the internship and again at the end on the following criteria:
        • Quality of work
        • Written communication
        • Oral communication
        • Problem solving/critical thinking
        • Information and technical literacy
        • Ability to learn
        • Team work
        • Leadership
        • Initiative
        • Judgment
        • Work habits
        • Personal attitudes
        • Ability to work in field
        • Overall performance of student
  • Is there anything that is RECOMMENDED in an internship job description?
    • Any details of the job that may relate to the student’s field of study and career goals

  • Is there a requirement for the number of work hours per credit hour?
    • One credit = 50 hours of work
    • A completed Work Experience Learning Agreement
    • A completed and approved Course Registration form
    • To receive a satisfactory grade for the internship, students must:
      • Complete the number of hours they signed up for
      • Submit a brief site-supervisor progress report halfway through the internship establishing that at least satisfactory progress is being made by the student in fulfilling responsibilities and meeting learning objectives.
      • At the end, submit a completed employer’s evaluation form again stating the student has satisfied the responsibilities of the internship.
      • Complete a self-evaluation form.
      • Write a brief student reflection paper outlining what was accomplished during the internship and the extent which each of the learning objectives were met.
  • Other information:
    • There must be an established affiliation agreement on file with the company (except if the internship is being done on-campus) before an internship can be approved.
  • Is there a specific contact person that works with internships for the department and/or major?
    • The Site-Supervisor and the NMU Adviser work with the student throughout the process.
    • See our Forms and Resources tabs to obtain the proper paperwork to start your internship today.
    • Main office: Executive Secretary – Michelle Inman;; 906-227-2045